2023 Presidency: How the North used EndSARS to dismantle the South

By Evang. Obinna Akuwudike

Many people saw the EndSARS protest as the Nigerian youths making demands from the government.

It probably started as that. But some elements, used this to achieve far powerful political goals against the South.

A lot of us, who look beyond what’s at the surface, have seen another direction the protest was diverted to, which has in effect, weakened the strongest presidential forces in the South, as well as created disunity amongst Southerners, giving the North a free ride to 2023 Presidency.

The Lekki Tollgate saga that sparked off the mayhem, that has swept across the nation, seems too much of a coincidence if you ask me.

That incident, let to the attack on Tinubu. It has in effect, destroyed his presidential ambition, which was what that Lekki Tollgate attack was intended to achieve.

Removing Tinubu from the equation. They cannot just remove Tinubu who is too powerful in the APC, and they don’t want him as President. This way, his own people did the job for them.

The resultant violence across Lagos State, and the sudden ethnic coloration trying to blame the Igbos for it, was exactly the Northern divide and rule style coming into play.

With the Yorubas and Igbos fighting each other, the South had been effectively dismantled and their presidential ambitions has been dismantled with the artificial distrust, that has been created.

I hadn’t wanted to talk so much about this whole EndSARS matter, as I had that premonition from the start, that there were other agendas at play in this matter. The little I saw was guarded as I still tried to convince myself that I was wrong.

I don’t think I was wrong.

It became clearer with the attack on Tinubu. I am not a fan of Tinubu, but it all made sense that to remove Tinubu, who is very powerful in the APC, from the Presidential picture, drastic measures would have to be taken.

Why the soldiers will even shoot at the crowd is something to wonder over. Who gave the orders to turn of the lights? The Tinubus had fallen for their trap.

Nnamdi Kanu too, also fell into their trap, as he started talking too much, when he should once in a while, keep quiet and act quietly. This gave them the plot to pin the whole thing on Igbos even though the same destruction going on in Lagos was happening even at a larger scale in Igbo land. But the Yoruba man doesn’t know that, and may be convinced to turn against the Igbo man and the second agenda of dismantling the South is achieved.

In 2023, the South will be so disunited to come out with a common front, and the North will again present a candidate and remain in power.

It’s left for the South to understand they have to stand together, or let the North keep playing the politics of dividing and ruling them.

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