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Nwawuba bares his mind on the Nwaorieubi Army killings

The Federal House of Representatives member representing Mbaitoli/Ikeduru in the National Assembly, Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba, have not been silent over the recent shooting of his Constituents by soldiers, following the killing of soldiers by unknown hoodlums.

Nwawuba have made his thoughts known in a video he released recently, as well as through other vocal confrontation and reaction over the matter.

Below are some of his tweets relating to the matter, right from the onset of the protest against Police Brutality #EndSARS, a campaign he fully backed.

“The bloodbath at Nwaorieubi is unfortunate and totally unnecessary. No matter the extent of provocation, the resort to hacking down innocent unarmed people for an infraction committed by criminals is condemnable.

Yes it is true that security agents were mobbed and structures burnt down. I expected the law enforcement agents to seek out those who carried out these acts and bring them to justice, not to invade a community of unarmed people and engage in a killing spree.

I have taken up the issue at the highest quarters and I will not rest on my oars until the killer soldiers and killer civilians are identified to face the full wrath of the law. Just this morning I spoke with the Brigade commander again in furtherance of this.

To prevent future reprisals, my constituency office shall activate a forum where the community and law enforcement agencies shall interface on a regular bases.

Through such interactions, criminal elements shall be identified and isolated to make sure innocent people do not suffer as a result of their nefarious activities.”~ Nwawuba.

Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba’s Twitter conversation is ongoing. It may not be late for you to join @NwawubaRT

The freedom, rights and dignity of citizens is topmost on our legislative agenda. In line with this, we shall thoroughly evaluate the facts of the situation and come up with a position that reflects the democratic rights of the people including security and welfare~ Nwawuba

The Lekki situation is shrouded in controversy and we wish to uncover more facts and come up with the true position. Meanwhile Mr. Speaker himself has commenced on the spot assessment to determine extent of human and material damages~ Nwawuba

On my side, I will put forward a Bill for an act to establish a special commission to receive and review cases of police misconduct, abuse of authority, and violation of the law from Jan 2010 – date. ~Nwawuba

The police should be our friend and not our torturers . People have been maimed and deformed for life for being mere suspects in the hands of the police. Being taken to the police seem to be a death sentence.~ Nwawuba

“A locally controlled police force is therefore better suited to tackle local problems. When the issue arises we shall examine the pros and cons of the suggestion and in doing so, we shall suggest ways to insulate it from potential abuse by relevant authorities”.~ Nwawuba

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