Imolites to Uzodimma When do we feel shared prosperity?



The people of Imo State, especially the masses of the society, seem to be having the feeling of missing in the Shared Prosperity package of the Imo State Governor Senator Hope Uzodimma.

Report reaching The Onion desk has it that the people feel disgusted with the style of leadership of the Governor, whom they say seems to be running a closed circuit administration.

A civil servant, who pleaded to be anonymous told The Onion that even though the government released buses to them for easy transportation but that they have been experiencing terrible hardship as a result of high inflation.

He said that prices of all commodities in the market have doubled and they hardly can cope with high cost of goods in the market.

When The Onion sampled opinion of some traders over the cause of high cost of goods, they were of the view that bad roads in the state have not helped matters, especially in the transportation of food items.

Non civil servants on their own are asking when the Shared Prosperity will reach them.
According to report reaching The Onion, the masses of the Imo society are wondering in what form the shared prosperity promise of the Governor will get to them.

The Onion gathered that the common trader in the market expects that the state government will run policies that will encourage free flow of money so that when they take their wares to the market, they can easily sell them and make sufficient money to take care of their families and that this is one way the people can partake in the shared prosperity package.

According to one of the traders who pleaded to be anonymous, there is presently serious glott in the sale of goods in the market and it is affecting the traders adversely.
By January 15, 2021, the Uzodimma government in Imo State will hit one year. The people are waiting to see how he can tackle the road menace in the state, as dry season is gradually setting in and to see how he can handle other things required of him to better the lots of the people, including his skills acquisition training of about 500,000 youths.

In other words, Imolites are anxious to see the governor change his style of administration in order to see if things can get better in the state.

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