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End SARS: Why we avoided protests – Arewa youths

The Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, AYCF, and Coalition of Arewa People for Peace and Security said the youths in the northern part of the country avoided the recent End SARS protests due to the insecurity challenges the region is faced with.

The Arewa youths noted that in spite of the insecurity the region is faced with, the same unit of police that has caused havoc in other parts of the country, has contributed greatly in the fight against bandits, kidnappers and insurgents here in the North.

Speaking through its spokesman, Isah Abubakar, while addressing newsmen in Kaduna on Sunday, the youths noted, “To ensure that we do not end up over heating an already dicey situation, rather than take to the streets, we have been liaising with people in authority to ensure that this time around, police reforms is genuinely implemented and a clear road map towards ending insecurity in the North is ensured.”

The spokesman explained that the youths are in complete support of the End SARS protest demanding an end to police brutality, extortion, torture and killings of young persons by different units of the Police Force, with special emphasis on SARS.

The youths commended the young people who carefully came up with the demands to reform the entire police force, saying that it truly reflects the desire and aspiration of not just young people, but every right thinking Nigerian.

They appreciated and commended the speedy manner in which Mr. President and the Federal Government accepted and granted the #EndSARS demands of young people during the protests, adding that they will appreciate if similar commitment is shown towards ending the insecurity in the North.

They said, “We would also like to commend the state governments that have already set up their Judicial Panels of Inquiry as part of the demands of the End SARS protest. We call on other states yet to do so to promptly constitute theirs so that the panels can get to work and deliver on the directives of the Federal Government.

“As these panels get constituted and commence their hearings, we would like to encourage young people not to shy away from being part of the panels. Our direct participation is the right way to ensure that it achieves its ultimate aim. So we enjoin young people across board to get on board and follow up on the process. We must ensure that the process is impartial with a logical conclusion.

“At this point, we would like to commiserate with all the state governments that have suffered great economic loss due to the massive vandalism and looting that took place these past couple of days. We therefore condemn in strong terms such barbaric act and call on all young people to note that it is only when we conduct ourselves that the mantle of leadership we so much yearn for will come to us, we with little intellect and reasoning must enlighten our other fellows whom are not as privileged as us and that are used by politicians and other interest groups to ferment trouble and unrest. The country of our own we so wish to build can not survive with young people with destructive mindset.”

The youths added, “We equally commiserate with our brothers and sisters in the entire South for the great loss suffered, most especially in Lagos State. We pray that peace is restored immediately, as well as a call on FG to assist people whose businesses were hurt and property vandalized so that they can commence rebuilding and restoration. At the same time, we commend all the young persons in the North for resisting all forms of provocation instigated by traitors who do not mean well for this country. And we continue to encourage our people to tow the path of peace, for what we can’t achieve through peace, violence can never assure it.”

The youths pleaded with Mr. President to do more in the area of security, saying that the lives of the people must come first always, be it in the North, or in the South.

“We reaffirm and pledge our commitment and support to an indivisible Nigeria, as we assure Mr. President our support as he continues to steer the nation on the path of infrastructural development and economic growth,” the youths affirmed.

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