The okpa seller who almost and could still become Imo Governor


The previous governorship applicant of Action Alliance (AA) in Imo State, Mr. Uche Nwosu has approached adolescents not to be in a rush to contrast themselves as well as other people, saying such individual additional time have put resources into building themselves. 

While uncovering that he once peddled orange and cooked corn in the roads of Aba in a visit with ABN TV in Abuja, he added that a few people knew him when he turned into the Commissioner for Land and later Chief of Staff to previous Imo lead representative, Rochas Okorocha. 

“Try not to be embarrassed about what you do. A few people will say ‘I want to be in Uche Nwosu’s shoe’ yet have you asked yourself what I experienced prior to turning out to be Commissioner for Land and even Chief of Staff before I ran for political decision as the legislative head of Imo State.

“The greater part of them don’t have the foggiest idea. I tell the vast majority of them that I remained in Aba. I once sold oranges from Umungasi to Eziukwu, to Ariaria, to Osisioma, to Ogbor Hill, conveying my orange, yelling orange di uto, sweet orange. 

“I once peddled corn, oka di oku, hot corn. I once peddled coconut, ice water in light of the fact that in those days there was no unadulterated water. That didn’t prevent me from getting to my objective. Throughout everyday life, before you get to your objective, you should a driver of your fate” he said. 

He approached the adolescents independent of whatever legitimate endeavor they wound up in, they ought to be glad for it. 

Nwosu cautioned that it is acceptable to go through the stepping stool of progress at that point to search for progress through easy routes, encouraging young people to pick their good examples well.

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