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End SARS unrest: Policeman, wife, children killed in Lagos

A policeman was murdered in Lagos by a mob in the aftermath of the End SARS protest.

His family was also wiped out at their house in Awoyaya, Ibeju Lekki Local Government Area.

A citizen, who resides near the community told DAILY POST that the incident occurred days after the October 21 Lekki shooting by Nigerian Army troops.

He said the assailants accused their target of killing some young men during the October 21 violence in Lagos.

The source narrated that the deceased returned home to a horrific scene.

“They killed his wife and three children. According to what we heard, they came to revenge the firing of some of hoodlums who eventually burned down Ajiwe Police Station.

“The guys called the policeman’s name when they reached front of the building. They ordered him to come out and face them. After some minutes, they broke into the house and killed the family.

“By the time he got home and saw what happened, he started screaming and vowed that those who committed the act will pay. Would you believe he was found dead within one hour of his threat?

“His case was not the only one. Same thing was done to a few more policemen living at Ogombo, Elemoro and other locations along Ajah-Epe axis. Their apartments were attacked but most of them and their family fled on time”, he disclosed.

The informant admitted that it may take a while before personnel garner courage and confidence to return to their duty posts and the streets.

“The attacks on them were why I believe not all will not come out soon. Gangs already have guns; the ones stolen from damaged police stations are in the wrong hands.

“Now, policemen must wear bullet proof and helmet at all times because some people may decide to attack them whether provoked or not.

“The government should make immediate and adequate provisions for them. There are bad eggs, agreed; but now we are all at the mercy of bad boys. They have been raping and robbing residents inside their homes!”

A police officer has advised Nigerians to protect themselves ahead of the yuletide and the new year.

He stated that the situation, especially in volatile places, was not safe yet for personnel.

The divisional head regretted that operatives were killed, stations vandalized and armouries looted in many states.

Last Friday, the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, announced that 22 policemen were killed and 205 stations/formations destroyed during the nationwide riots.

Adamu also directed police personnel to protect themselves against attacks.

“If anybody touches or assault you, you can also protect yourself”, he said in Abuja.

The Police Service Commission (PSC) has confirmed that it would not force personnel to return to work.

The spokesperson, Ikechukwu Ani, said PSC is pained that policemen were killed and stations set ablaze.

“It will be very insensitive at this point for anyone to say that the commission will dismiss any policeman who didn’t return to work”, he noted in a statement.

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