Governor Hope Uzodinma leading exactly the Okorocha’s style

By Ala One

The executive governor of IMO state His Excellency Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma had proved his mean posit towards the leadership and governance in IMO state.
Having come from mundane and unconventional means of governing our dear state IMO,the Gov had not for one day followed due processes in almost every thing he had done that is if he had done something by the way.
Civil servants ,pensioners and even his appointees and recommends had not been either paid their salaries, pensions or stipends.

My very good friend and a course mate who works with the media propagation of the government had not received any dime since the past five to six months they were employed.

The tempo at which they were projecting the government has slowed down like the evening lilies , I enquired from a reliable source if they had been meeting with the Governor, He told me that he had not has an interface with the governor ever since they were engaged.
He also told our crew the worst was that the man that employed them under his payroll or control he had not met with for once.

Okorocha was not this mean and naive especially in paying his employees.
Christopher Chinagorom my office my office na true ?
Governor Hope n’akwa echeki !!!!

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