EndSARS Killings in Mbaike: Uche Ogbuagu’s silence worrisome

by admin@maazi.ng

By Nwaiwu J.
For somebody known in the past, for his knack for speaking out against oppression and bad governance, the seeming silence of ace comedian, now lawmaker, Mr. Uche Ogbuagu over the recent happenings within and outside the state, have become a source of concern for his numerous supporters, a fan base, which is depleting drastically as the day goes by.

Ogbuagu was very vocal during the administration of former Govenror Rochas Okorocha, making several audio recordings and skits to indirectly condemn and attack bad governance.

He supposedly still had his usual knack for speaking out, during the Ihedioha regime, when he lamented the poor sanitary situation of the state on his radio station.

His silence today over the same issues he once condemned, have now become a matter of worry amongst people who used to listen to him in the past.

Today, the sanitary situation in Imo State had become worse than what Ihedioha left behind, yet Uche Ogbuagu had remained silent.

Pensioners and even civil servants are owed months of pensions and salaries, a topic Ogbuagu used to lampoon Okorocha about in the past, but he has yet remained silent about it.

More recently, the alleged shooting and killing of civilians in Mbaitoli by security forces, and even the EndSARS protests across the state, have not been enough for the Master of Talkinson to break his seeming oath of silence.

The people of Mbaitoli and Ikeduru now relay on their Federal House of Representatives member, Hon. Henry Nwawuba, to speak out for them and make efforts towards resolving the matter and bring justice to the aggrieved.

Political pundits had hinted that Ogbuagu may be interested in the Federal seat, presently occupied by Nwawuba. His showmanship empowerment projects across the two local governments were deemed as a way to start buying into the minds of the people.

However, his silence at this critical period, have left many wondering if sending him to Abuja would be a wise choice, since he is unable to speak for the people now.

Many had even opined that his attack at the Ihedioha regime over the sanitary situation, was because he was denied the Deputy Speakership of the Imo State Assembly.

Ogbuagu had in a video a few months ago, indirectly attacked Ihedioha over the roads in the state, alluding fraud was involved, and promised that Uzodinma would start building good roads across the state.

The promise now seems like a mirage, as there is not a single good road in the state, and those constructed by Uzodinma had collapsed barely weeks after construction.

Ogbuagu have been silent about the development, raising eyebrows across the state.

Some wonder if he is not giving himself the same red card he gave Okorocha some years ago when he was still the voice of the voiceless.

While he and others who are hoping to go to Abuja for Mbaike, remain quiet over the aftermath of the EndSARS protests in Mbaike people, Mbaike people are watching and taking note.

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