As Donald the Trump bites the Dust

I do not engage in “I told you so.” It is belittling and drains the essence of public engagement on this sphere.

Political punditry is not a sentimental exercise. It requires and demands clear headedness. The ability to churn out good vocabularies and impeccable tenses has no mutual inclusivity with political punditry.
Some folks with zero understanding of international politics and apparently ill informed on the trending political development in the United States didn’t allow us sleep. They rampaged from pillar to post churning out falsehoods and obese postulations.

Donald Trump simply exposed the hypocrisy of so many folks on this boulevard. The same thing many preached and demanded in Nigeria are the things they encouraged Trump to undermine. Shameful!

The big lesson is the triumph of structures and institutions over raw power. This is what advocates of restructuring are seeking to achieve.

While Trump was ranting and trying to instigate an uprising when he noticed that his defeat was nigh, the state institutions barricaded the American democracy from his reach and consolidated it.

Two events: why Trump called for stoppage of the counting process, state institutions ignored him and continued to deliver.

Secondly, when it became apparent that Joe the Biden was coasting home, the state institution provided him with airspace blockade in line with statutory provisions.

Finally, a huge chunk of Trump’s Nigerian supporters absolutely went overboard. They are actually encouraging him to use unknown powers to remain in office.

The United States and the world must ensure that the likes of Trump are never allowed a breathe away from apex executive powers again.


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