Why the North may soon be calling for breakup of Nigeria

In recent times, it seems like the clamour to divide Nigeria is coming from the Southern parts of the country, sponsored by Southern elements, who are not happy with the current situations in the country.

The IPOB and other Biafra agitators are calling for the breakaway of the old Biafra Republic, while the Yorubas have suddenly started fancying the idea of Oduduwa Republic.

Despite groans by the South that they are being oppressed by the North, the North seem determined to keep the country together, at least for as long as possible.

Oil has been the glue keeping the country together. It is however becoming a glue that has a timeframe.

With the numerous heavy investments by Northern leaders, to find oil in the North, it they can successfully find enough oil that is comparable to what the South has, the North may suddenly find out that there is no need holding back a people that want to leave a union. They might even become the ones agitating for the breakup.

However, aside from finding oil in the North, with the way things are going globally, the North seems to be the only part of the nation equipped to change with the tide.

Electric cars are gradually becoming the order of the day, and soon, vehicles powered by petrol may be phased out. Oil will no longer become a viable source of revenue for any country.

Only the North will have something to sell when that time comes. They will have their agriculture.

The revenue from their agric produce would not be enough to match what oil gave, and as such, may not be enough to carry the entire nation, which could force the North to call for a breakup, to be able to manage the resources from their agriculture to be able to sustain themselves.

The wishes and clamour by the proponents for breakup may come soon, and the North, not the South may be the ones spearheading it.

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