Hope Uzodinma: Has the Court started fighting back?

By Evang. Obinna Akuwudike

With the recent losses the Imo State governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma have suffered, one begins to wonder, has the Nigerian judicial system started fighting back?

For a man once branded a Supreme Court-made Govenror, a tag which landed the New Media director of the Imo State PDP, Mr. Ambrose Nwaogwugwu in detention for weeks, the courts have not been favourable to him in recent times.

The first big blow he suffered, was at the hands of Senator Ifeanyi Araraume. Hope Uzodinma, with the connivance of the junior Minister for Education Emeka Nwajiuba, attempted to install Frank Ibezim, Nwajiuba’s aide, as the APC Senate Candidate for Okigwe Zone.

An Abuja High Court in it’s ruling, declared that Araraume was the authentic candidate of the party, sacking Ibezim.

The plan to install Ibezim, was believed to be one of the agreements reached between Uzodinma and Nwajiuba, to guarantee Nwajiuba’s support, as well as the weight of the presidency, in the forthcoming Philip Umeadi suit, seeking to sack Uzodinma.

With his inability to deliver Ibezim, the deal between him and Nwajiuba may go sour.

Uzodinma may hope to drag the matter to the Supreme Court, where he seems to have a way with the judges at that level, but Araraume isn’t a pushover, especially when the facts are working in his favour.

The plot to install Nwajiuba’s aide as Okigwe senator has already died before arrival. His support for Uzodinma may also die a natural death with Uzodinma’s failure to deliver his side of the deal.

The latest sack of the Marcon Nlemigbo exco, which enjoys the backing of Senator Hope Uzodinma, and the declaration of the Nwafor faction as the authentic exco by the Appeal Court, has effectively taken the party from Uzodinma, and handed it into the hands of former Govenror Rochas Okorocha.

Uzodinma had waged serious political battles, against Araraume and Okorocha, despite the fact that they were instrumental to his emergence, and may also be instrumental to his removal, if the current trend of events continues.

With the party structure in Okorocha’s hands, the chances of Uzodinma getting a second term under the APC becomes very doubtful, and Uzodinma may have to defect to another party if he intends to run in 2023.

Dragging the matter to the Supreme Court may not be helpful to him, as Okorocha know all his intrigues, and can match Uzodinma financially and by contact.

The loss to the elected Local government council men, was get another powerful blow dealt on Uzodinma.

With no Abba Kyari or Adams Oshiomhole to help him, and a doubtful support from Nwajiuba, the odds of him hanging on to the seat of power seem thinner for Hope Uzodinma by the day.

With the Umeadi case, demanding that Uzodinma explain how he became Govenror of Imo State, since the Supreme Court ruled that Uche Nwosu won the APC Primaries, the Nigerian judicial system that a few months ago, made a very controversial and unpopular ruling, may be on the path of making amends.

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