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VAPP Bill: ‘Satanic, Ungodly’ – Phillip Njemanze

  • Njemanze has remained consistent in his criticisms of VAPP Bill

Anti abortion crusader and radical surgeon, Dr Phillip Njemanze, has taken a swipe at VAPP bill before the Imo State House of Assembly, describing it as satanic, and those behind it, enemies of God and the people.

Njemanze who in 2012, busted moves by the 7th Imo State House of Assembly, to pass a bill to legalize abortion, said the proposed VAPP bill did not protect the rights of unborn child or children, noting that the bill seeks to deepen societal crisis, and if passed into law, will destroy the family, religious and traditional values.

He said “The proponents of the VAPP Bill are the ones who really are misinformed on the objectives of the VAPP bill. All statues that the VAPP states to address are all provided for with punishments in the Criminal Code. The Christian Moral teachings provides the guide against all the crimes listed from ages to this day. The main issue is not that the VAPP bill adds anything useful or proposes new ways of crime prevention for positive social transformation but rather seeks to deepen societal crisis using as cover the evils and distortions in human nature”.

“The main object of the VAPP Bill is the person which it defines as male or female. Now is the Unborn child conceived in womb of the mother a male or female? Well not determined. So under the VAPP purported to prevent violence against persons, the Unborn child is not a person and protected. If the sponsors of the VAPP meant well for society they would have defined a person as a homo sapiens from the moment of conception to natural death”.

He continued “A universal definition based on fundamental science. However, as eloquently pointed out be His Lordship Most Rev. Moses Chikwe, the VAPP bill is a Greek gift meant to kill the most vulnerable, the Unborn child immediately and the mother gradually. It is noteworthy that Imo women that have undergone abortion have thirteen times the risk if dying in subsequent child birth. Nigeria ranks highest in maternal deaths because of hemorrhages that are cause by prior history of abortions. The VAPP Bill says in its caption that it aims to prevent discrimination against persons. Well as your Lordship points out if there is no exemption for religious and cultural norms, it would be impossible for the Catholic Church to refuse ordination of women priests or ordination of homosexuals.”

“The traditional king makers would be jailed for refusing to crown a female Eze of their community in Imo State based on the succession rights provisions of the VAPP bill. It is clear that the foreign proponents and their local collaborators have only one intention to destroy the Imo society. The so-called laws proposed in the VAPP bill are all in existence in the Criminal code and have severe sentences for each abuse including for rape, incest and female genital mutilation.”

“If the VAPP was well intended it should have concentrated on providing rehabilitation of victims with psychological support, correctional faculties for perpetrators and provision of educational schemes on prevention of these evil crimes. For example, to this day, there is no provision for child psychologists in the Imo primary and secondary school system to deal with prepubertal psychological changes and coping mechanisms.”” Rather what the VAPP bill targets is to destroy family, religious and traditional values which has sustained us over millennia. What would Imo people gain when there is mass litigations on women Ezes. What will the people of God gain when we do away with longstanding church tradition of the male priesthood of Jesus Christ. The VAPP Bill is Satanic and the proponents are enemies of God and the people”. he concluded.


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