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Imo Former Speaker, Hon. Chiji Collins Has Made Himself, A Political Mpunyughunyu

A weeping sacked Speaker Chiji Collins

It is true that big size of a man does not really matter the senses in his brain. Hon. Chiji won Imo State House of Assembly seat under APGA. As a matter of fact, he did not win because of his personal capacity or capability, but with the influence of APGA in Isiala Mbano.

When you see the huge size of this honourable member, you would have surely believed he has all it takes to be a good leader. But leadership only needs wisdom/competence and not just certificate for one to be successful. A good leader sees ahead. But unfortunately, the Isiala Mbano Lawmaker has been seen as the most unsteady Imo politician of the contemporary. You can remember how he hurriedly sold his birthright for porridge yam by leaving APGA, his original party for PDP just to become Speaker of the House. Hon. Chiji was following former Imo Governor, Rt. Hon. Ihedioha like a lust man till unfortunately, the unforgettable Supreme Court case of January 14th, 2020 cut the latter’s tenure short.

Like a prostitute that has no base, Uzodinma’s Supreme Court government came up, and Hon. Chiji even wanted to turn personal driver to Uzodinma and his beautiful wife, just to get what he wanted in his desperate way. He even designed caps and T-shirts to support Uzodinma’s administration. And istead of dressing properly like a Speaker of the House, he could not stop to wear branded caps and t-shirts supporting Uzodinma and his illegal administration. We only felt bad because seeing the size of a man, one would have thought his brain should be more reasonable than that of those with small body. But it is unfortunate that a big cow is always zombiefied more than a small goat. May be he has overgrown his sense of reasoning though.

As it stands at the moment, the honourable member representing the good people of Isiala Mbano has been kicked out of his position as Speaker of the House. That is what one gets when one is lust and too desperate. What exactly is his fate at the moment? Is he really returning to APGA – the party that made him or remaining in foreign land till his political size is reduced, though his human size keeps on increasing as Imolites continue to search for their palliatives? While a grasshopper is burning, it thinks it is producing oil. Or should Hon. Chiji in his desperate way, wait for another party Governor to take over from Uzodinma for him to show more of himself? Just within one years, he has be in APGA, PDP and APC. What a political mpunyughunyu. Big size does not mean big brain jare!

Comrade CHILAGOROM Ifeanyi
DG, Imo APGA New Media

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