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US election: Obama reveals why President Trump refused to concede defeat

US ex-President Barack Obama has blamed President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede defeat after the US elections on his inability to accept defeat.

Obama also accused top members of the ruling Republican Party of undermining democracy by backing President Donald Trump.

The former President told the CBS News that the President-elect Joe Biden “clearly won” the presidential race

The US media had projected Joe Biden of the Democratic Party as a winner of the election on Saturday but counting continued in some states.

Incumbent President Trump rejected the election results and filed a flurry of legal challenges, alleging election fraud and corruption.

Obama, who handed over to Trump in January 2017, said the allegations were motivated by the fact that “the president doesn’t like to lose”.

“I’m more troubled by the fact that other Republican officials, who clearly know better, are going along with this,” he added.

“It’s one more step in delegitimising, not just the incoming Biden administration, but democracy generally, and that’s a dangerous path.”

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