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US election: Why Trump will be escorted out of White House – Tony Schwartz

Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter of US President, Donald Trump’s book, ‘The Art of the Deal,’ has said he believes the Republican candidate will never concede to Joe Biden.

He said that Trump will eventually be escorted out of the White House if he refuses to leave.

“He can’t concede because to concede for him is to accept that he is a failure and that is an intolerable thing for him,” Schwartz told BBC World News.

He went on to describe the President as “either a success or a failure.”

“He either dominates or he submits… he has to keep this delusional idea alive that he was cheated,” he added.

According to Schwartz, ghost-writing The Art of the Deal in 1987 was “the worst mistake” he ever made.

He said at the time he never thought there was any possibility of Trump becoming US president.

The race to White House was a tight battle between the incumbent Trump and Joe Biden.

Biden, however, emerged as winner after polling over 270 electoral college votes; although the winner has not been officially announced.

Although Biden has since assumed his role as the President-elect, preparing to take over White House, the incumbent, President Trump has refused to concede defeat.

Trump has filed a flurry of court cases challenging the Biden’s victory, alleging massive corruption and fraud.

The incumbent has recently expressed hope of being declared winner of the election, saying results that would be announced next week would put him ahead of Biden

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