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Irobi Darlington reacts over Chiji Collins sack

Mr. Irobi Darlington

A foremost media influencer in Imo State, Mr. Irobi Darlington, have lent his voice to the impeachment of Hon. Chiji Collins, as Speaker of the Imo State Assembly.

Irobi made the reaction on his Facebook wall, where he stated that the position of Speaker of the House of Assembly, was not the birth right of anybody, and as such, the removal of Chiji Collins should not be a topic for political speculations and discussion.

His post reads as follows:

A speaker is just a first amongs equals and anybody who is a house member can be a speaker. I am at liberty to inform those who care to know that whatever happened to former speaker Chiji Colins could have happened to any other person. The sit he occupied is a soldier come, soldier go one.

It will also be stupid for anyone to expect Rt. Hon Colins to open up a fight even when he still represents the good people of Isiala Mbano and still has the intention of giving them the dividends of democracy.

Stop the noise against him cos he is still a people’s representative.

My own view and opinion

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