Impeached Imo Speaker: Burden of Ineptitude and Lessons Therein

By Bright C. J. Okereke 

Regrettably, the occupation of public or political leadership office in our clime, runs with a high degree of ego that most times, it causes the occupant, to depreciate the certainty and undermine the reality of an end in every beginning. Truely, leadership is transient and the occupiers such office must be ever ready to vacate, whenever, exigencies demand. 

But, the way, manner and circumstances that may surround the vacation, is the unknown, the (x), in the mathematical formular of life. 

Paradoxically, leadership is not a profession; let’s prove this, with a common life analogy; a doctor will remain a doctor until he dies and same goes with other professions. But, not for leadership positions; a governor, legislator, Speaker, Chairman etc must leave the seat someday, stripping-off, the rights and privileges of the said office.

I therefore, do not share in the despodency, that, the impeachment saga came to CHIJI, like Anthony Joshua’s jab. Even, when, it was of common knowledge that, such has been heating on the furnace, for long while… 

Yes! He should have expected and prepared for a day like that! If he didn’t, he was either naive or rather not smart enough to understand the then, unfolding political manoeuvrings and it’s imminent dangers to his office. And, consequently, the tide consumed him, deposing him from office in the most derogatory manner. 

But, could it be, that the impeached Speaker, did not see it coming or had no inkling that the gavel was set to leave his hands? 

Could it be, he was unaware of the banana peels on his pathways?

what of the obvious defective cohesion and outright discordancy that enveloped the State, 9th Legislative House under his watch, even in matters of urgent State and public importance? Is it, his “go-slow” leadership style that enshrined ‘longer holidays’ and fewer House sittings, probably to postpone the dooms day, which may have frustrated deliberations on vital issues needing expedite actions, thorough and proactive attentions during proceedings? 

Could it be, he forgot in a hurry, the series of allegations bordering on his person and oscillating around his office? 

May be, he wrongly measured self as the governor’s tight pal? 

Or he did not envisage that he could vacate the office, someday, either honourably or ignominiously.

Whichever way, the most vital things that count beyond the office are the impacts one made while in office (if any). Ofcourse, the echoes could either be distinguishing or vilifying, it could either be pleasantly attractive or odorously repulsive; Where lies his? 

And, the impacts on the people are the things that would stand in evidence against or in favour of any leader before the people and historic court of posterity.

Though, nothing lasts forever in this mortal world, even monuments fall; civilisations grow old and fashion out; races perish and new ones build up because nature abhors vacuum. 

But, for goodness sake, resignation would have been more honourable than this impeachment. 

Am guess, CHIJI laughed off his erstwhile deputy, Hon Okey Olekanma, and perceived him as a lily-livered and less maverick politician, when the polished legislator opted out of office (resigned as deputy Speaker), barely nine months ago, on integrity grounds, refusing to defect to APC and remained strong and stout with his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) caucus. 

Very regrettably, our people who enter into public offices do not see it as an opportunity to build enduring legacies that could make them brands that would be fondly remembered by posterity. 

Undoubtedly, Hon CHIJI’s indiscriminate and indecent, political migration pattern which had him, in three different political parties, in less than one year, may have contributed to this cheap and stress-free impeachment. 

Anyway, the rest of the circumstances surrounding his impeachment may amount to unnecessary stress, if exhumed further. 

Frankly, yours sincerely, have been struggling without success to identify the verifiable achievements of Hon CHIJI, legislatively and sociopolitically. 

No records of veritable political thoughts, philosophies or achievements worth cataloguing for the next generation have been found, thus far. 

Yet, this is a man, in whose custody Okigwe zone’s share of political leadership in the State rested for one year and five months; yet, no evidence of project attraction and or any form of government presence can be noticed anywhere in the zone even, in his home town to match his stay in office as a Speaker. 

Though, human beings pretend to have a very short memory, especially when they fail in a given assignment; I, hope CHIJI can still remember how he ascended the throne as the Imo 9th Assembly Speaker, from a then minority party caucus and those who made it possible against all odds. 

But! What, a lost opportunity to register greatness amongst a people and write his name on the sands of time.

Well, Hon Paul Emeziem, of Onuimo State Constituency has long replaced him.

Yet, this is a lesson for all those in various public/political offices in and outside the State and those angling to occupy one in future. 

……….. End.

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