Uche Ogbuagu, where at thou voice?

By Leonard Anyahuru

It is said that the true character of a man is revealed, when given power. Uche Ogbuagu fits perfectly to this maxim.

Within a period of a year and six months, Uche Ogbuagu’s true character, which he hitherto masqueraded with comedy and jest, have been revealed.

An Igbo adage says “ikuku kuo, ahu otule okuko,” meaning that when the wind blows, the backside of a fowl is revealed. Uche Ogbuagu’s backside have today been revealed, and the people know the true face behind the mask.

It is unfortunate that our people are most often easily fooled. I’m not like the rest. By the time they realize their mistakes, a lot of water must have gone down the drain. I remember telling someone who solicited my support for Uche Ogbuagu in 2018, that they would be disappointed.

Only recently, the man called me to apologize. Saying he regretted his earlier misidentification of Uche Ogbuagu’s true person.

That was the same way I told people about Okorocha in 2011 and those who didn’t listen to me regretted it.

Ogbuagu’s hunger for power was revealed when he lost the Deputy Speakership of the Imo Assembly.

I called one of the insiders of Ihedioha’s administration to get ready for trouble. The worst of Uche Ogbuagu was ready to be lunched.

I took time a few days ago, to listen to some of Uche Ogbuagu’s old tapes, where he indirectly lambasted the former Govenror Rochas Okorocha. There was almost nothing he didn’t label Okorocha.

Today, the things Uche Ogbuagu accused Okorocha of doing, are happening right under his very nose but he has chosen to turn blind eyes, and remain deaf and dumb to them all.

Uche Ogbuagu lambasted the poor quality roads Okorocha built as Govenror, yet have remained silent when the roads built by Hope Uzodinma, which didn’t last up to a month collapsed.

Interestingly, the same Ogbuagu who boosted on video, that Uzodinma was going to give us Julius Berger roads. Till this moment, we haven’t seen Julius, let alone Berger, is the same Uche Ogbuagu that is moving a motion to commend Uzodinma for imaginary massive road construction.

Abeg, where you see massive road construction in Imo State?

Is that not the height of hypocrisy and joblessness?

There was no other motion Uche Ogbuagu could think about, other than to tell the house members to start clapping for Hope Uzodinma for roads that only existed in the governor’s imaginations, not in reality.

Very interesting.

So Uche Ogbuagu couldn’t think of moving a motion ordering Uzodinma to pay pensioners months of salaries he is owing them, but he will move a nothing to turn his colleagues into school children and clap for Uzodinma?

Ogbuagu could not move a motion to order the ENTRACO MD to wake up and clear the “dorti” that has become Imo State’s new form of decoration under Uzodinma, rather, he will move a motion to reduce his fellow lawmakers and himself, into choristers clapping and singing praises to empty promises.

Uche Ogbuagu did not consider the stopping of the cutting of allowances and arrears, of civil servants as a motion worthy of moving, instead, he moved a motion to see who can clap the most in the State House of Assembly.

Uche Ogbuagu is too much.

This has revealed the joblessness of some people we sent to the State Assembly. Maybe, if Mbaike makes the mistake of sending him to Abuja, he will move a motion to clap for whoever that shall emerge as President, even if the said President goes ahead to create RUGA settlements in Ala-Igbo.

The voicelessness of the former Master of Talkinson, has become a reason of worry in the state, especially amongst his now dwindling supporters.

His name, which was once respected and reverred, have become a name to be mocked and caricatured on the streets.

As a comedian, he might not bother about “njakiri”, jest, today, but in the very near future, when Uzodinma will be fighting for his own political survival against powerful forces like former Govenror Rochas Okorocha and the 2023 Govenroship candidate of the APC in Imo State, Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, Uche Ogbuagu would be called to account by the people who once trusted him and sent him to the State Assembly.

Pensioners and Civil Servants from Ikeduru would wonder where his voice went, when their Pensions and salaries were owed and deducted. The people of Ikeduru who voted erroneously for him, because of their love for Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, will query his silence when the road demacations at Orji which he passes through on daily basis to Akabo and beyond were converted to refuse dumps. They will also ask him about the Julius Berger road, after he joined those who stopped the roads Ihedioha was building for them.

For a clown who always has something to say at every given time, I look forward to see the replies he would give the people.

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