Mbaike 2023: Nwawuba, the most commonsensical option

By Chinagorom

As 2023 General Elections draw closer, some people have started the usual name dropping for positions they have interests to occupy.

In Mbaike, names like the Ikeduru House of Assembly member Uche Ogbuagu and Innocent Ikpamezie, the OCDA GM have been dropped by themselves, and by those championing them.

I am of the APC political extraction, but before APC, I am first Mbaike and sometimes, politics should be played with common sense.

It is actually the right of those dropping their names, to contest for any position they like, being citizens of the country who haven’t been convicted of any crimes that could disenfranchise them, but are they the right option for Mbaike in 2023.

Performance and positive representation aside, which Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba have have done very well at, despite being in the opposition, Nwawuba remains the most commonsensical option to maintain equity in the sharing formula of Mbaitoli and Ikeduru.

With Ikeduru, already bagging three tenures unde their belt, Mbaitoli, which is more populated, is also expecting to complete their spell of three tenures, of which they are at the second lap at the moment.

An interruption from Ikeduru at this moment, would not only appear unfair, but can destroy that unity and equity, that Mbaike have maintained all along. A protest voting from Mbaitoli can see Ikeduru in the position Orlu have kept the rest of Imo State which isn’t fair. Let’s be fair.

An interruption from Mbaitoli on the other hand, would appear as an attempt, to elongate the three year term, as whoever in Mbaitoli that enters there now, would purse a second and even third term in office.

Aside from his excellent performance as the representative of Mbaike, sending Rt. Hon Henry Nwawuba back aside for the balance to equity, also provides an opportunity for better positions for him in the National Assembly, from which Mbaike stands to gain.

Everybody has the choice to contest, but if you’ll ask me, Uche Ogbuagu should go for a second term in the State Assembly to prepare himself for the National football field.

It is the most commonsensical thing to do.

Aside from some Federal Civil Service, Paramilitary and military jobs I know he attracted, which somebody close to me got one of it, other programs like the retraining of teachers and free medical programs shows a man on the right track.

Even in our APC across the state, how many of them are performing up to what Henry Nwawuba is doing. Many of them are depending on the fact that they are Govenrment in power to deliver them, not the people’s votes.

I got a list of some projects, motions and petitions Nwawuba carried out, which I verified and they are as follows;


1) Donation/installation/energization of transformers to six (6) communities in Mbaike.

2) Ongoing construction of MBAIKE Civic Center at Nwaorieubi.

3) Renovation of market stalls at Orie Amakohia, Ikeduru

4) Ongoing construction of Orie Ogbaku/Obidi/Okpuala/Agwa road

5) Ongoing construction of Amaukwu/Umueze Ogwa/Ogbommi/ Ekeoha road.

6) Construction of classroom block at Ubahaeze Orodo Primary School.

7) Ongoing construction of Oil Mill at Oburo, Umuaro, Ogwa.

8) Free medical screening and treatment of patients at Ubomiri.

9) Construction of classroom block, Principal’s Office, and a science laboratory at Technical School Ugirike, Ikeduru.

10) Facilitation of employment for Mbaike indigene from Amakohia Ikeduru in one of the federal institutions of higher learning.

11) Energization of Umuoziri, Iyishi transformer.

12) Procurement and distribution of Tricycles to Mbaike indigenes to support local transportation.

13) Distribution of sewing and grinding machines to Mbaike women.

14) Ten million naira (N10,000,000) Market Empowerment/Start Up Capital disbursed to the enterprising women of Mbaike.

15) Ongoing rehabilitation of Eke Iho-Ubakuru-Orie Mbieri road. Drainage started.

16) provision of solar street lights to various communities in Mbaitoli and Ikeduru

17) Training of over 70 Mbaike youths in Agro Business through the Ministry of Niger Delta after which start up kits were given to the participants to start their own businesses.

18) Ongoing construction of Amankuta- Orie Mbieri Road

18) Renovation of four (4) classroom blocks at Nkwo Orodo Central School, Orodo

19) Completion of Okwu Orodo Town Hall.

20) Training of 36 Mbaike Youths on computer and phone repairs after which complete start-up kits/machines were given to each of participants.

21) Training/Retraining of Mbaike Science Teachers. Each of the participated schools recieved N300,000 worth of science kits.

In addition to the above, Nwawuba embarked on massive enlightenment campaigns in the constituency and provided hand sanitizers, as well as food items as palliatives to cushion the harsh economic realities occasioned by the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic.



1) Motion on the urgent need to encourage relevant agencies of government to stop the production and circulation of fake drinks and products.

2) Motion for the urgent need to protect Nigeria workers from forceful compulsory leave and massive job losses.

3) Motion for the urgent need to provide and protect the interest of blind students (Special Students) especially in our institutions of higher leaning.

4) Motion for urgent need for Nigeria to adopt a long term social and economic development framework.

5) Motion of urgent public importance on the uprise of cultism in Nigeria.

These motions received the overwhelming support of Nwawuba’s colleagues and were ALL passed with the “speed of light” with motion number 5 voted as the motion of the week when it was moved.


1) Need to repair and provide drainage facilities at the Eke-Mele, Akabo section of the Owerri-Okigwe road.

2) Need to curtail escalating extortion of citizens by security agents.

3) Call on the Federal Government to intervene in the ecological disaster afflicting the people of Owo-Amakaohia, and Eke-Mele Akabo,


1) A Bill for an Act for the establishment of the South East Development Commission Co sponsored by the entire 43 members of the South East

2) A Bill for an Act to establish the National Boundary Task Force for the protection of persons and prevention of communal clashes.


1) A Bill for an Act for the establishment of National Coast Guard.

2) A Bill for the amendment of the Marriage Act.

3) A Bill for the amendment of the Electoral Act to provide for the punishment of any politician or political agent who coerce a returning officer to declare election results under duress.


Petition against the exclusion of the South East in the controversial $22.7b loan request by the Federal Government.

2) Petition against the exclusion of South East Niger Delta states from the NDDC sharing of COVID-19 palliatives.

3) Petition against dehumanization of Nigerians by authorities in Bangladesh.

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