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Uzodinma Vs Okorocha: Doing the right thing from a faulty foundation

Agreeably, the political battle between the former Govenror of Imo State, Senator Rochas Okorocha, and his replacement, Senator Hope Uzodinma is a welcome development to almost the entire citizenry of the state who want the former Govenror to be made accountable for his mismanagement of the state for eight years.

Many Imolites, would throw parties in celebration, the day the former Govenror seeks the inside of a jail cell.

But despite his battle with Okorocha, Uzodinma is not winning sympathy from the people of Imo State, who should be applauding him for try to deal with their former slave master.

Uzodinma’s problem is the foundation his regime was built on. Almost 80 percent of the state, still believe they did not cast the votes that were declared at the Supreme Court. Many, have till date, tagged him names like Made in Abuja or Supreme Court Governor, because of how he emerged, and unfortunately, despite taking the fight to Okorocha, he has done very little to change the way people see him.

Probably because of the foundation on which he came, and the bills that may be paid and may still being paid to maintain it, there haven’t been enough left to address critical issues in the state, that would have convinced the people that Mbaka was right about Uzodinma, despite the fact that Mbaka had been wrong since 2011 when he and Archbishop Obinna landed us where we are today.

Uzodinma’s failure to pay pensioners since he came into power, has painted him worse than Okorocha, who at least paid pensions for a year before he stopped.

The collapse of several roads built by Uzodinma, within weeks of completion, have painted him worse than Okorocha, whose roads lasted a few months before collapse.

Both men seem to be paddling the same boat where civil servants are concerned, as they both refused to pay overtime, leave allowances and other benefits and neither of them are interested in staff promotions.

Interestingly, before Mbaka and the Archbishop kicked out Dr Ikedi Ohakim, Imo Civil Servants enjoyed their overtime, two promotions in four years, leave allowances amongst others, while pensioners enjoyed their pensions and gratuities.

Since 2011, that had not been the case until the brief stay of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, when those things started coming back.

Many are jo longer even interested in the fight between Uzodinma and Okorocha, as they believe Uzodinma’s fight is personal, and not for the general interest of the people.

Surprisingly, many people are now wishing Okorocha defeats Uzodinma, and have celebrated the political trashing Uzodinma suffered in Okorocha’s hands in court.

Okorocha is surprisingly gaining more support every day in the state, than Uzodinma, and the people seem more ready to forgive his transgressions, than they are ready to forgive how Uzodinma emerged.

That Okorocha will still be hailed by some people on the streets, while people will be indifferent when Uzodinma passes, shows the level of rejection.

Everybody seems very interested to know when Philip Umeadi’s case will be coming up, as they seem very eager to see Uzodinma out and Ihedioha in.

Unfortunately, Uzodinma isn’t doing anything to win confidence, and his little efforts, like the so-called loan to 2300 youths, have been downplayed and labelled political settlement for his appointees, as the selection process was shrouded in secrecy.

The outcome of the Okigwe Senate Bye-election will determine a lot of things in Imo APC, and none of them seem to be going in Uzodinma’s favour.

You may have good intentions, but when you start on a faulty foundation, your intentions will fail.

The best thing would have been to step aside and seek the people’s mandate directly from them, not through the court.

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