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Imo Politics and the Angry Mob

By Ikenna ONUOHA, mnipr

The state of Imo is known as a peaceful enclave that shelters political theorists, analysts and strategists. It was viewed as an administrative abode where troubled states run to for succor.

A state that parades 99% of intellectually informed leaders, regrettably has become a shadow of itself and a laughing stock of high degree. Very annoying that politicians have made their rivals an object of ridicule and a center point for blackmail.

All these current political trends in the state are in negation to the universally accepted rules of engagement. Most handicapped politicians unable to withstand the heat of criticism resort to frivolous blackmail and propaganda to press home their demands with a view to weakening the chances of acceptance of their rivals.

The question now remains, how dare the so called leaders make it in politics without providing evidence of their stewardship? One thing that has continued to deceive the people jostling for positions is that they have allowed themselves to be beclouded with deceit that Imo state is either a cemetery or a dumping ground where every manner of “dead” leader is given the pride of place!

No doubt, the role of angry mob is not only witnessed during extra judicial killing, or during “John Benson” kind of party primaries, but during the display of modern style of politics.

Nonetheless, the angry mob of today’s politics do not snatch ballot boxes, essential materials or over counts votes, but they award contracts running into billions without a trace of any evidence of work. The angry mob are in the habit of recruiting mischief makers and scrupulous elements to malign, defame and impugn individuals they think are higher and most accepted by the society order than them. This is because they have nothing else to offer to lure or woo public acceptance.

The truth of the matter is that the role of the angry mob in today’s Imo politics is an evidence that things have fallen apart and the center cannot hold , according to Chinua Achebe.

One of the major selling points of the angry mob is political witching, wizardry and nefarious blackmail against opponents. Most of these angry mob cannot win election in their villages if not through crook, hook and fraud. This has been their style and point of recognition.

Majority of these political angry mob resist every manner of election whenever they lose. No election is credible, free, fair and devoid of fraud if they are losing. The lack human sympathy and apathy to do good! They are so greedy but pompous and selfish, they assumed wrongly that everything in life should belong to them. This is indeed their style and way of reasoning.

The angry mob are not contented with what they have. They go extra miles to hijack party structures whenever they find out that the masses are withdrawing from them. They are professional pretenders, only laugh when they need peoples’ help, and spend when their needs are hanging in the air. They vanish into tin air and restrain themselves from the masses once they secure victory in an election. Often times, they change phone numbers they are know with to avoid being accessed by those that labored for them during electoral voyage.

They are example of bad leaders and worst Covid. They are not happy or relaxed if electoral violence does not erupt, they feel relieved when the masses are dying in the inferno of their self inflicted political crisis. The often use the term, “youths are leaders of tomorrow” when they are busy emasculating wealth to the detriment of the youths. They always prefer the elites in their appointments as against the youths, but hobnobs with the youths to enable his votes protected. What manner of persons are these? The political angry mob!

Be that as it may, governance is a practice of nobility where the leader is beckoned upon by the led for a guaranteed future and that of their unborn children. Today, leaders go ahead to shatter and destroy tomorrow’s future for reasons best known to them.

The state of Imo began before the advent of Ebonyi state, but good leadership has brought a tremendous turnaround to the later and same exercise ended up consuming the former. It is indeed a test of integrity and conscience. The modern application of good reasoning as against involvement of angry mob has quickened developmental strides in Ebonyi when Imo leaders are busy sowing seed of discord, avarice and disunity.

It is so believed that no angry mob understands the importance of development, growth and economic boost without first protecting selfish and jaundiced interest. No wonder majority of them become confuse whenever political positions are given to them to handle. But do they think governance is the same thing as looting?

The level of their grandstanding is an indication that they neither have nothing to govern with nor have blueprint guarding their mode of operations, if not, why are they always revolving around “Owerri” for development when there are areas like, Egbeada, Ubomiri, Naze, Uratta, Irette, Orogwe, Umuguma, Avu, Obinze, Egbu, Awaka, Ohi, Atta and Umuaka that are closer to the state capital?

Lagos state is widely developed today not because of her adjudged wealth but because of good leaders and good governance in place. The nature of her leadership selection has become a recurring decimal where successive administrations center their point of action in an already established mirror “blueprint” guarding their rules of engagement.

What has gone awry in Imo? Why has the mighty fallen? Why should every Governor in Imo state behave the same? Who has taken the state to the altar of destruction and self induced catastrophe? Where is the Joseph of Imo?

Annoyingly, the masses are frustrated and pained that their expectations are not yet met after many years of labour to instill development, employment opportunities and good roads. The promise from the leaders have remained the same. No one is different, as up coming ones are worst than the “down going” ones. Who can bell the cat?

By so doing, we shall be expecting Imo of our collective dreams!

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