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Emeziem is Speaker by the Grace of His Colleagues and Nlemigbo Led APC and not Senator Araraume

By Greg Obioha

Rt Hon Paul Emeziem became the Hon Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly by the grace of God and his colleagues in the Hallowed Chamber.Even the incumbent Prosperity Governor of the State was not instrumental to that because he in his magnanimity and respect for the principle of separation of powers does not interfere with the business of the House. Speaker Emeziem is a product and beneficiary of his own good conduct, diligence and appreciable temperament. He endeared himself to his colleagues long before now and obviously became their preferred Speaker in the waiting or call it a shadow Speaker. They only waited for the right time to strike and when it came, they rose in unison and did the needful.

Again, Speaker Emeziem is a loyal party man who has shown high level of commitment to the party in power where he belongs and it is natural for the party and government in power to support a loyal party man attain whatever legitimate position he aspires for. So, IMO APC led by Marcon Nlemigbo as party Chairman and Governor Uzodimma as the Supreme Leader supports his Speakership.

It is unthinkable therefore to attribute his emergence as the Speaker to Distinguished Senator Ifeanyi Araraume. Araraume did not make Emeziem Speaker and couldn’t have had any slightest input in what transpired considering the fact that he doesn’t belong to the Shared Prosperity family or does not have any known affinity or alliance with it. He doesn’t even identify with the Nlemigbo APC Leadership, he associates with Dan Nwafor appendage of Okorocha surrogates. How could he have made Emeziem the Honourable Speaker?

Yes, it is true that Emeziem’s route to the House of Assembly was APGA which Araraume was it’s gubernatorial Candidate and undisputed leader. There was a working relationship with Araraume once upon a time which is normal in politics. Politics is dynamic and having worked with Araraume then, both struggled for different things and he was lucky to scale through to be in the House of Assembly. He achieved the membership of the House through the previous associations and alliances but his current position as the Speaker has no connection with those past ties.

Rt Hon Emeziem as a forward looking and progressive politician has through progressive politics and new alliances attracted enormous favour and confidence that earned him his new status.
He is the Speaker by the grace God, his colleagues coordinated by Ekene Nnodumele and Chyna Iwuanyanwu and the APC leadership in the State superintended by the prosperity Governor and Nlemigbo.

It is not true that Araraume made Emeziem the Speaker of IMO State House of Assembly. That claim is unfounded and should be discountinanced!

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