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Ihedioha and SamDaddy media aides clash over defection rumor

The media handlers of two of the Imo PDP political heavyweights, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha and Senator Samuel Anyanwu SamDaddy, have clashed over the recent defection rumour of Ihedioha which dominated the airwaves.

The news had broke of plans by Ihedioha to dump the PDP for APC, a news the Imo PDP quickly refuted as false and the handwork of desperate politicians.

In a new twist, the media aide to the former Govenror, Mr. AIC Akwarandu, had taken a swipe at the former Senator who represented Owerri zone, Senator Samuel Anyanwu SamDaddy, and his media assistant, Mr. Ikenna Onuoha, accusing them of masterminding the rumor against Ihedioha.

Akwarandu’s reaction reads as follows;


Sen. SamDaddy and his media managers are very poor in thinking. Few days ago they were urging people not to insult PDP leaders.

Through same Ikenna Onuoha, He released a blackmail material against leaders of the party.

Between Ihedioha and SamDaddy who is APC?

SamDaddy is only a PDP member in Watsap groups, Facebook, and very few remote pictures from Rivers State.

Since He lost primaries in Imo in 2019, He has never supported the party. He has only spent time playing the ostrich. When he hits in the bush, He will come out to ask “who did that”. Very poor strategy!

The former Senator must be advised to desist from blackmailing key leaders of the PDP. The People’s Democratic Party at the moment is focusing on Okigwe Senate election and all well meaning party members are lending their support.

The former senator who is yet to lend his support behind the party in that all important election is busy using ill informed E-rats to blackmail the party.

A word is enough for the wise.

In reaction, the media aide to Senator Samuel Anyanwu, Mr. Ikenna Onuoha fired off a volley at Ihedioha’s aide. His reaction reads thus;


When a rat invites a cat to a dinner, not only his life is at risk. This AIC is silently creating crisis to whom it may concern.

One wonders what could have motivated this boy to accuse a Distinguished Senator of the Federal republic of Nigeria who has succeeded exceedingly as a member of PDP of working against the party when their initial blackmail that he has left PDP did not work, he has designed another childish means of selling his watery fable.

This is indeed the height of clannishness and sheer emptiness. The public should see him as a bat that is hiding from been captured by a cat.

The way and manner Distinguished Senator reacted and condemned the rumour should have been applauded by this boy, AIC, and other reasonable individuals instead of noise making and name calling.

A situation like this calls for all leaders of the party to lend their voices in condemning the falsehood, but having taken the front burner to dissipate the said rumour, is what an ardent and respected leader of a party as PDP should do.

This boy should concentrate on how to promote the programmes of PDP and that of his master in the state instead of creating internal crisis to his peril.

He should be aware that since Distinguished Senator speedily condemned the rumour, a good number of genuine members of PDP and concerned publics have called on phone, and sent messages to thank him for coming out boldly and joining hands to build the party once again.

The question remains, what does this boy wants to achieve with his mischief making and misleading information now that the party is sincerely harmonizing?

AIC Akwarandu is not the only social media boy of His Excellency, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha hence, he should be very careful and knows how to count his words.

This boy, AIC has been insulting me, yesterday, he said that am getting mad, today, he is describing my boss and I as poor and ill-informed.

This is the last warning, anything similar to this, and mostly against my boss shall not be tolerated. If we don’t go to Media war which will affect his boss, we shall know how to solve it and know who will be injured.

It is on the record that this boy, AIC only eats well after attracting media problems to his boss and expects some dip pockets. I do not know what this boy is feeling like!

A stitch in time saves nine!

Ikenna Onuoha

There has been political tension between Ihedioha and Senator Anyanwu, even before the PDP Govenroship primaries of 2019. The outcome of the primaries, which saw Ihedioha victorious, had further strained the duo, as Anyanwu had challenged the result in court.

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