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Araraume: Chiji Collins, Emeziem others may have signed their political obituaries

Yesterday, a communique emerged, purportedly signed by 20 APC lawmakers of the Imo State House of Assembly, including the 6 members from Okigwe zone, who had emerged through the All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA, before jumping to the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, when Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha held power, then jumping again to the All Progressives Congress APC, when the Supreme Court installed Senator Hope Uzodinma as Govenror of Imo State.

Maazi recalls that the former Speaker of the House of Assembly, Chiji Collins, was sacked over what was believed to be his relationship with Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, a strong political rival of Senator Hope Uzodinma.

The new Speaker, Frank Emeziem, also from Okigwe zone, and a product of Araraume’s political journey in APGA, would come out to deny Araraume’s involvement in his emergence as winner of the 2019 General Elections, which saw him into the State Assembly, and subsequently led to his emerging Speaker of the State Assembly.

Following the legal and political impasse at the Okigwe Senate Bye-Election, that has left the APC in confusion over who the party’s candidate is, despite winning the election, Araraume knocked Uzodinma, during an interview on AIT, supposedly to set the records straight, and probably in retaliation to Hope Uzodinma’s comments, accusing Araraume of obtaining his court judgment from a local market in Owerri called Ekeonunwa.

Araraume would knock Uzodinma over the lack of development in the state, as well as berated his management of the party, and disregard of the court, despite being a product of the court.

Uzodinma, through his media handlers, would respond to Araraume, insisting that Araraume lacked the moral needed for the Senate.

The call for Araraume’s expulsion from the party, through the communique, by the 20 lawmakers of the APC, came after the reaction from Uzodinma’s handlers.

Despite Emeziem’s denials, even the man on the streets know he would never have won the Assembly seat, if Araraume had not thrown his weight around Okigwe during the last election.

Coming out to take sides with Uzodinma, and declaring war on Araraume by these 6 lawmakers, have been viewed by political watchers, as political suicide.

Political analysts noted, that despite being in the opposition, and with APGA considered a minority in the 2019 General Elections against the ruling party APC, the major opposition PDP and the state funded AA, Araraume still delivered Okigwe to APGA.

In 2023, the lawmakers would be on their own, without the protection of Uzodinma, who would be getting ready for his own election, if he isn’t sacked by Philip Umeadi before then.

The 6 lawmakers will be at Senator Ifeanyi Araraume’s mercies, as they would not be able to stand a chance against him on their own.

Araraume would be looking forward to see how Emeziem would win, being that Emeziem had claimed that God came down and made him an Assmebly member, without using Araraume to achieve it.

Chiji Collins has already had a good run thanks to Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, going for two terms in the state assembly, and being a Speaker for almost two years. He probably knows his political aspirations was over, and didn’t mind burning the bridge with Araraume, probably for some easy landing with Uzodinma.

Meanwhile, a developing news claims that 13 of the lawmakers who’s names were on the communique, have alleged that they were not aware of such communique, and didn’t sign it.

The PDP candidate for the Okigwe Senate Bye-election Chief Emmanuel Okewulonu on the other hand, is demanding to be declared winner, since the APC went to the polls without a candidate.

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