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Chiji Collins dumps Araraume, backs Uzodinma against his former benefactor

From the presence of the signature of the sacked Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly, Chiji Collins, in a communique signed by the APC lawmakers in the State Assembly, calling for the sanctioning of the Okigwe Senate candidate of the party, Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, it has become obvious that the former Imo Speaker have now openly dumped Araraume, and pitched his tent with Senator Hope Uzodinma. 

Maazi recalls, that the former Speaker, was allegedly sacked because of his affiliations with Araraume.

It is no secret, that Chiji Collins’ political life had been determined by Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, who singlehandedly made him a State Assembly member twice in a row.

Araraume also ensured the six lawmakers from Okigwe Zone, all of whom ran with him in APGA, got into the State Assembly. 

Ironically, all six have now openly dumped their benefactor, with the new Speaker Frank Emeziem, being the first to deny Araraume’s involvement in his getting to the State Assembly.

The Communique against Araraume, came after an interview he granted AIT, where he berated Senator Hope Uzodinma’s management of the state, as well as the party in the state.

Araraume accused Uzodinma of working for the PDP, and further berated his management style in the state, accusing the Govenror of flogging pensioners as well as arresting and detaining a lawmaker.

The APC lawmakers which included Chiji Collins, in the communique demanded that Araraume would tender an apology to Uzodinma.

They went further to accuse Araraume, of being the one that worked for the PDP, accusing him of being a man with unstable character.

By the way, the PDP Candidate Chief Emmanuel Okewulonu is demanding that he be announced the winner of the election, since the APC came to the election without a Candidate.

Two court rulings barred both Araraume and Frank Ibezim as candidates of the party, on the eve of the election, meaning that APC went to the election without a candidate.

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