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Araraume can eat shit in his desperation for power – Uzodinma’s aide blast Araraume

An aide to Senator Hope Uzodinma, Mr. Nwokedi Arinze Stanford, has taken to his Facebook handle to attack the APC candidate in the Okigwe Senate Bye-election, Senator Ifeanyi Araraume.

Nwokedi, while labelling Araraume as desperate, insisted that Araraume can eat human waste in his desperation for power.

He further promised the former Govenror Rochas Okorocha, who is Araraume’s political ally, that the Uzodinma administration was coming for him, and everything he took from the state will be recovered.

His post reads as follows;

I truly pity Ararume.

A desperate man can do anything! Even eat another man’s excreta.

Ararume don chop Rochas’ shit!

If not, how else could Ararume explain that Rochas Okorocha – the Petty cum Primitive looter and betrayer of public trust – is now using him (Ararume) as a strategic distraction against the obvious gluttonous cases of bare-faced stealing and conversion of public properties, the many challenging irreversible challenges he faces?

To tell you the truth ( and this should be a thing of shame to Ararume), the Eastern Palm University deal, the multi-acres land grabbing misadventures, the multi billion naira recoverable loots etc are reasons why Okorocha, after personally ensuring there was no Ararume in his years as Governor, decided to rejoin Ararume when he lost his stranglehold on IMO. Now, he’s using Ararume as a mere toy – a mere wiliwilli distraction each time the last R of the 3R bites him harder.

It’s a shame.
Ararume has come full circle and has bathed in all the four-corners of Urashi River. His nudity of political worthlessness is no longer a distant reality. Every young lad in IMO knows whom Ararume is – the man who contested with Rochas in 7 yrs of his 8yrs.




But how does Okorocha get enlightened that all his distraction games are known and will not work out well as he planned? This play of politics na surugede dance.

There is no loss in focus. Our eyes are on the goal. A licensed driver is leading the 3-R government and truly, OKOROCHA must vomit all he swallowed.

The purge is ready too. The last R – “RECOVERY” shall be total. Rochas will himself confirm.

Every asset of IMO lost to Rochas shall be recovered like the recovered ITC buses.

Good morning ndi oma.

If I don’t tell you the truth, what do I gain?

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