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Okigwe Zone and the fight of Two Masquerades

By Ikenna ONUOHA, mnipr

The strategies adopted by the two factional masquerades of one family angling to foist himself or his preferred candidate as new Senator for Okigwe North senatorial district in the just concluded bye election has hit a brick wall. Reason is that the hunter ended up been hunted.

There is no doubt that Okigwe zone has suffered an underserved untold hardship in the hands of politicians. Hitherto, the situation has not been remedied, if not an inglorious underground scheming and skirmishes to torpedo the efforts of good spirited individuals who are out to change the he old narratives.

Indeed, the election was between two masquerades (Gov Hope Uzodinma and Senator Ifeanyi Araraume) among other suffixes. Annoyingly, if anyone had told the duo of masquerades that none of the candidates of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) would be returned even when the party was declared winner, they would have dealt harmfully with the “pessimist” very dearly.

The modern democracy entails that the led must be put to know the goings on in their areas. Some politicians have made it a serious norm that they must be worshipped by those who voted them.

Why the modern day election is characterized with violence, rigging and malpractice is because those people angling for one position or the other had failed previously in all the businesses they ventured into.

Most of the failed persons who are heavily indebted to banks and other financial institutions think that the only means they can recoup the lost money is by contesting elections.

No wonder these bunch of failed individuals lack the moral sanity to canvas for the best in their political jurisdictions. The Okigwe election has come and gone but the memories will continue to reverberate in the annals and sands of time.

Reason because those who think that the position is their birthright are surprise that Okigwe zone has suddenly woken up from slumber in defense of their paternal and maternal enclave.

Regrettably, the recurring campaign promises by those failed politicians have been jettisoned and most times thrown into the can of history. This is not only the reason the people are revolting against the old narrative, but because they want it now or never.

A lot of Okigwe sons and daughters had passed out (Ototo Nwa) as a typical example while trying to correct the old time abnormal norm. This is because those who say the truth are always ganged up against to be exposed. But would the fear of been killed or exposed deter one from doing it the right way?

The old time song that, “obodo Nile emepechiala, ofo Okigwe na Orlu” is still in voke. What is slightly adjusted is that Orlu is gradually moving off from the old time rhythm to a modern abode.

Okigwe zone cannot develop if those jostling to represent her have not examined themselves. A situation where some disgruntled politicians view themselves as “Okigwe zone” per se, is no doubt, most unfortunate in this 21st century.

The society has continued to collapse not because the people do not have the vision to transform their place but because those angling to lead the people are been recycled and doomed. The issue of dictatorship and highhandedness have been the bone of contention.

Even though Owerri zone is yet to find its feet under the current senatorial leadership, one would no doubt assume that the zone is gradually coming up owing to the fact that it houses the seat of power.

The hard core shell is whether the Governor from another zone is determined to foist a candidate being remotely sponsored by a cabal in Abuja to represent Okigwe zone. If it is so, then Okigwe people should have taken a position.

For Distinguished Senator Araraume, I think he is not wrong angling to represent his people after thirteen years he left the office. For clarity sake, American President Elect, Joe Biden served as Senator for over thirty years. No doubt, during these years, he must have garnered wide range of experience that today, ushered him in as President. Senator Araraume was just at the National Assembly for eight years.

Having served for eight years, and left a gap of thirteen years void, it is absolutely good for him as an ebullient and dogged politician still healthy to work, should have been encouraged to clinge the seat.

At the Senate, experience is an accelerator that enables occupants to perform creditably well. David Mark and Ike Ekweremadu respectively would not have emerged President and Deputy President of the Senate if they were not elected severally into the Chambers. This is one of the importance of been elected to the senate more than ones.

As it stands, one would believe that the most qualified candidate for the seat is Senator Ifeanyi Araraume having garnered wide range of contacts and experience. The pitiable condition of Okigwe zone today requires a leader like Araraume who got the swag and capacity to change the narrative and attract dividends of democracy.

One thing that disintegrates a society is imposition and witch hunt. When a person tries to hijack what belongs to everyone using his contacts and power as aid, bad leadership and mediocrity are the order of the day.

By so doing, we shall be expecting Imo of our collective dreams.

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