South East, South-South Govenrors and leaders created the Eastern Security Network

By Maazi Obinna Akuwudike

On the issue of the Eastern Security Network recently inaugurated by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, to safeguard the old Eastern Nigeria, which includes the SouthEast and South-South, I believe the misrepresentation of the people, and the faulty leadership in this part of the country led to their creation.

The lack of proactive leaders in the Eastern part of Nigeria, who can stand up when their people are attacked by terrorists, killer herdsmen and kidnappers, created the Eastern Security Network.

The SouthWest took the bull by the horn, and created Amotekun to protect their people. Their leaders dared the Federal Government, and resisted every attempt to stop the formation of the vigilante unit.

But coming to the East. Their first and probably only attempt to replicate what the SouthWest was doing, was shot down after they help meetings with the Federal Government. Whether they were offered something, or whether they were threatened not to form their own vigilante group, nobody knows, but their inability to stand up for their people, gave Nnamdi Kanu the opportunity to create his vigilante unit, which doesn’t answer to any leader or Govenror in the East.

If the Govenrors and leaders haven’t been corrupt, selfish in the management of the resources of the state, provided jobs and attracted industries to their states for development, there wouldn’t have been the high level of joblessness that would lead people to crime.

If they had come together to form a formidable vigilante unit like the old Bakassi Boys of Aba, to match what Amotekun was created for, Nnamdi Kanu would not have made them look incapable of leading the people.

Of late, the people are wondering, whether these leaders are capable of leading the people because clearly, they seem to have failed.

Their failure, have resulted in the East having a new Chief Security Officer in the person of Nnamdi Kanu.

We’re yet to get a reaction from the Federal Government, over this latest development, but if you ask me, I urge the authorities to be careful.

It was their carelessness and wrong advise to arrest Nnamdi Kanu in the first place, and later attack his home, that led to what is happening today.

The first statement by Mr. President concerning 95% and 5% was one of the biggest failings, which should have been publicly apologized to. The statement made some people feel neglected in the country. And they were. We have to change tact for the good of this country.

Restructuring, dialogue, an all inclusive nation where no tribe is marginalized and where everybody is given a sense of belonging, will go a long way to start the healing process.

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