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Charly Boy backs Nnamdi Kanu’s Eastern Security Network

Charly Boy have thrown his support behind the Nnamdi Kanu Eastern Security Network, launched within the week, by the IPOB leader.

Nnamdi Kanu stated that the security outfit, was created to protect the old Eastern Nigeria, against terrorists and other security challenges.

The announcement, which as made through a broadcast by the IPOB leader, as well as the release of several videos, had continued to gander mixed reactions from Nigerians.

Some have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Federal Government’s handling of security issues in the country, which had given rise to armed vigilante groups across the country.

“It is the duty of the Govenrment to provide security,” Maazi Obinna Akuwudike stated when talking to our correspondent. “But when the government fails at their duties, this becomes the outcome. Look at the other day I was reading about a lawyer and his wife in Benue, who were murdered in cold blood. Government seem handicapped in handling this matter and this has led to the creation of all these groups.”

Charly Boy who saw what Nnamdi Kanu did as a welcome development, wrote on his official Facebook page;

“It’s Funny That Some Igbo People Support Amotekun But Are Against EASTERN SECURITY NETWORK. What’s The Cause Of This Foolishness?”.

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