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One year after his death, Uwajumogu’s seat may remain vacant till February 2021

From all indications, the battle for who will replace late Senator Benjamin Uwajumogu in the Senate, may drag into February 2021 and beyond.

Today marks a year since the death of Senator Benjamin Uwajumogu. Since then, Okigwe Zone had remained without a voice in the Senate chambers.

The COVID-19 lockdown, had forced INEC to suspend elections to find a replacement for the late Senator.

However, since the INEC opened the floors for elections, Okigwe Zone have dominated the airwaves due to the political and legal impasse and controversies, surrounding the zone.

The APC, which was Uwajumogu’s party, and a party fighting to take back their seat, have been embroiled in confusion, starting from the party’s primaries, which produced more than two candidates.

While the Daniel Nwafor faction produced Senator Ifeanyi Araraume as their candidate, the Hope Uzodinma backed Marcon Nlemigbo faction produced Mr. Frank Ibezim. Other aspirants such as Hon. Matthew Omegara, have also been laying claims to the party’s ticket.

The controversies have continued, with several court orders and counter orders, leading to the party’s going to the election without a candidate.

A lot of legal battles are gearing up in Okigwe, which would likely keep the seat vacant for months ahead.

At present, with the Christmas holidays around the corner, the judiciary will most likely go on a recess, from which they will return from in 2021.

Araraume, who has been sacked by an Appeal Court ruling, will definitely head to the Supreme Court to challenge the ruling.

Ibezim, who had been barred from holding public office by a Federal High Court, will head to another Appeal where the outcome could lead to a Supreme Court hearing.

There are still other suits within the party, challenging the candidacies of both Araraume and Ibezim, and these suits may also drag to the Supreme Court.

Outside the party, the opposition PDP and APGA, have started making arrangements to institute their own suits, challenging the INEC announced victory of the APC.

These suits may also drag to the Supreme Court.

With all these legal battles brewing in Okigwe, the chances of the zone getting a Senator anytime before February 2021 becomes very unlikely.

By the way, other winners of Bye-elections across the nation had been inaugurated, but Okigwe is still missing in Action.

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