IMSU: Hope Uzodinma may land himself in big trouble over sack of VC

The news broke yesterday, that the Imo State Governor Senator Hope Uzodinma, had sacked the Vice chancellor of the Imo State University, Prof. Adaobi Obasi.

Reports has it that there have been allegations of fraudulent activities, and the Vice chancellor is being fingered.

It is worthy to note that the tenure of the Imo State University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Adaobi Obasi would cease on the 30th of December 2020, and sacking her even a day to her tenure expiration, could open the State to litigation, which could even prolong the tenure of the Vice chancellor, or cause the State financial loses in settlements.

Wouldn’t it have been wise, to suspend her, while the investigations continue, until the tenure expires? A Govenror can suspend a Vice chancellor when there are reports of misconduct until the charges are proven to be true or false.

In the event that the investigative panel finds nothing incriminating against her, sacking her automatically opens the State Government to litigation from her.

If I am to advise, that sack order, if it hadn’t been made official, should be reversed to a suspension which will stay until her tenure elapse by the end of the year.

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