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Fani-Kayode Alleges £4m Paid As Ransom For Kankara Students

By Emmanuel Adigwe

Former Aviation Minister, Fani Kayode, has alleged that that the Federal Government paid four million pounds as ransom for the abducted students of Government Science Secondary School, Kankara in Katsina State.

Maazi had earlier reported the abduction and release of 344 students of the school who were kidnaped from the school just as the president arrived for a week-long holiday in his home town in Daura.

Reacting, the former minister took to his Twitter account on Sunday hinting  that money was paid and three Boko Haram commanders released before the children were released.

He said: “The “kidnap” was a well-orchestrated scam to make money? 4 million pounds was paid in return for the “kidnapped” boys & the release of 3 Boko Haram commanders? The money was shared between the terrorists, some security chiefs & some senior Govt. officials? Can this be true?”

He also criticized President Buhari for speaking in Hausa language with the boys after their release saying that the president prevented Nigerians who do not understand Hausa language from knowing what he said to the children as it was their right to know.

He continued: “You addressed the Kankara students at a public gathering in front of the nation’s media in Hausa rather than English. May I remind Mr. President that English is the lingua franca of Nigeria & not Hausa & that those kids are NIGERIAN children and not just Hausa Fulani children.

“Millions from all over the country, including the South, prayed for their release & they also deserved to understand what you said to the kids when you met them. If you want Nigeria to remain one then treat us all as equals. If you do not then carry on with what you are doing.”

Fani-Kayode also enjoined the federal government to “label bandits and killer herdsmen” as terrorists.

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