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Calabar cook commits suicide in Owerri North over lost of job from Rev.Father

By Dan Opara

Wonders shall never stop in this world.  An unidentified young man at the last weed end killed himself on Dec. 18th, 2020.

The world at large especially neighborhoods of Azaraubo Azaraegbelu Community in Owerri North LGA, Imo State, have emotionally condemned the latest suicidal attack of himself.

A few days ago, some eyewitnesses who were very close to the Azaraubo area of the council where the incident happened confirmed that a very young promising Calabar boy names unknown who was a Chef Cook to a Catholic Priest whose names as well as unidentified as at the press time have evidently hanged himself on a tree.

It was gathered that the departed young man who was about 34 years until the sudden termination of his life, was sacked from his Chef occupation (as a Cook) by the Catholic Priest due to their personal misunderstanding and differences which was not made known to the press.

News also revealed that the Calabar boy (Cook) has made all kinds of efforts to recover his missing job from the Reverend Father, but the Catholic Priest of a Church in Azaraegbelu discarded all his plea and request to return to his chef job.

Suddenly, the young man, who was alleged to be frustrated due to the job losses after several pled to the Priest to reinstate his labor by the man of God due to some reasons undisclosed.

It was however gathered by some residence in the areas that the young man who waited to reclaim his lost career went and hanged himself.

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