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Hope Uzodinma Retrieves Four ITC Vehicles From Okorocha’s former aide now Reps Member

As the Imo State Government intensifies plans to revitalize the Imo Transport Company, ITC, more discoveries of public office holders of the past administration who carted away vehicles belonging to the outfit have been made.

The new management team which came into office as part of the programme to bring the state owned fleet back on the wheels has embarked on recovery of vehicles.

Trumpeta learnt that those affected are former appointees who served the Rochas Okorocha administration.

Apart from recovery of vehicles from the former Transport commissioner, Lasbery Okaforanyanwu who managed the ITC during his tenure, another ex appointee who is now a Reps member (names withheld) is involved in the shoddy deal.

Okaforanyanwu who has been dragged to court and accused for allegedly converting into his private purse, ITC monies running into several millions using his personal firm had vehicles he used for a private transport company returned to ITC. A number of vehicles believed to be that of ITC were also retrieved from him.

This newspaper was informed that in similar vein, about four vehicles were retrieved from a House of Reps member from Imo State, who served the Okorocha administration.

It was learnt that the Reps member who held a very influential position during Okorocha’s era had used his portfolio to control ITC operations thereby having four vehicles in his possession.

The vehicles were returned to the complex late last week to the admiration of all the workers who were spotted jubilating.

Source: ImoTrumpeta

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