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Hope Uzodinma to publish names of 40,000 and 21,000 paid workers and pensioners

From Stanley Uzoaru, Owerri

Imo State governor, Hope Uzodinma has disclosed his intention to publish 40,000 names of up to date paid civil servants in the State as well as 21,000 paid pensioners.

He disclosed this yesterday during his New year message to the people of the State, these he said will silence his critics who he said have been constantly discrediting his administration.

Uzodinma also promised to make public names of few workers in the State who have refused to comply with the automation process.

According to the governor, “This should serve as a final warning to those parading falsehood of non payment of salaries to shut up or publish their own list of those who have not been paid with all the relevant automation data, showing that they are real civil servants.

” Should they fail to do so or should they publish falsehood, then they will have to face the music of the legal consequences of their unpatriotic actions.

Meanwhile, Uzodinma has vowed to turn the State to a brand new State in 2022 with improved infrastructural development making good roads his priority.

He said “More and more quality roads will come on stream this year. The Owerri- Okigwe and Owerri- Orlu roads which will change the economic landscape of our state are expected to near completion this year.

“Our indigent rural dwellers will also have a new lease of life. We shall open up many rural roads this year, through quality road construction, and improve tremendously on primary health care delivery.

“Be rest assured that shared prosperity will manifest in every local government this year and that this shall be the year of great promise for everyone.

“One thing I am sure of is that at the rate we are moving, my 2022 New Year gift to Imo people will be a brand new Imo State that will be a marvel to all and the pride of every Imo person, to the glory of God.” Uzodinma promised.

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