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Okigwe Senate: Why Hope Uzodinma is after Senator Ifeanyi Araraume

It is no longer news, that the logjam in Okigwe Zone, that have prevented the zone from enjoying the benefits of representation in the Senate, is because of the raging political battle between Senator Hope Uzodinma, and Senator Ifeanyi Araraume.

With the legal battles created by the battle for supremacy between these two political heavyweights, Okigwe risks staying without a Senator for more months to come, despite the fact that others, who had Bye-elections conducted in their various zones and states, have all been sworn into the Senate.

Many wonder why a very tiny Okigwe, who become the most stubborn zone in the whole of the country.

The answer lies in the Governorship ticket of the APC in Imo State.

It is no secret, that Senator Ifeanyi Araraume hopes to one day, govern Imo State. He had already contested unsuccessfully four times, and many believe that if he gets the APC ticket, the fifth time could be the winner. Senator Hope Uzodinma seems to think so too, and have made sure to frustrate anything that could help Araraume get the ticket, most especially, the Senate seat of Okigwe Zone.

It is common knowledge, that senators are more important to the presidency than Govenrors. Senators can make life very easy, or very difficult for a president, and every president needs more senators on his side than he cares about Govenrors.

This also gives senators a lot of clout in party affairs. This is most likely, what Uzodinma fears.

Already, he is faced with a very powerful and very hostile senator in the person of former Govenror Rochas Okorocha. A combination of Rochas Okorocha and Araraume in the Senate, would prove very disastrous for Uzodinma, and could even deny him the party’s ticket in 2023.

Should Araraume get the ticket of a ruling party, there is almost nothing, that can stop him from achieving his life long dream of governing Imo State.

Letting Araraume to the Senate is giving him one step closer to his dream, and Uzodinma knows it.

Presently, the fate of Okigwe Senate seat lies in the courts. While Frank Ibezim sacked Araraume on the election eve through the Appeal Court, Araraume also sacked Ibezim on the same day, through a Federal High Court. This leaves the argument the PDP is presenting, that the APC had no candidate on the day of the election, and should be disqualified entirely.

A PDP victory might not be ideal for the party, and not to the best interest of the powers in Abuja, but for Hope Uzodinma, should Ibezim fail to unseat Araraume in court, a PDP Senator would be a better option for him than allowing Araraume into the Senate.

However, while still fighting to keep Araraume at bay, Uzodinma has a very serious matter facing him, that could even ensure he doesn’t get to 2023 as Govenror of Imo State.

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