Osinbanjo and the 2021 Presidential prophesies

By Maazi Obinna Akuwudike

The New Year usually breaks with pastors and prophets, dishing out prophesies for the New Year.

2021 is no different.

Many of the prophesies in the past have come to past, while many have failed. For those, whose prophesies have come to pass, people usually look out to hear what they have to say at the beginning of the year.

A particular prophesy that had generated mixed feelings amongst Nigerians, is the prophesy of the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbanjo, ascending to become Number one.

This prophesy has really generated mixed reactions amongst Nigerians, many of whom remembered the brief moment Osinbanjo held sway as acting President, and how the nation seemed to develop at the moment.

To a lot of Nigerians, it seems like a welcome news, but like the Igbo man would say, “ihea owu oke aha na egbu nwa nkita?” English translation “Is this the big name that kills a dog?” In this case, is this a prophesy that could cause trouble for the VP?

Already, Osinbanjo have been standing on very turbulent grounds, as VP. There was a time, when the news of his planned removal filled every news channel and platform.

He weathered the storm then. Is this a storm he can weather, is a question people are asking now.

With the claims by Prophet Elijah Ayodele, that the cabals run the country, would those cabals be pleased to see Osinbanjo take over, and stop them from doing what they have been doing to this country?

Could the prophesies put the VP at risk?

Definitely, a lot of people would not be happy with those prophesies that have come from more than two pastors, even a Ghanaian pastor, and from those people, Osinbanjo would definitely not be expecting a clap on the back, rather, he most likely may see people trying to undermine him and remove him from the equation.

Looking at those prophesies, how are they going to come to pass? Ayodele prophesied that soon, some documents will be revealed from Aso Rock, to reveal the true condition of the president’s health.

Will Buhari be stepping down based on health grounds? Apostle Johnson Suleiman said there would be a black day in Aso Rock. Would there be a death in the seat of power? Prophet Olagunju predicted breakup and coup. What does these things have towards the actualization of the prophesy of Osinbanjo ascending the number one seat of power in Nigeria?

At this time, if I would advise, I’ll urge the Vice President, to be more careful than he has ever been before. The journey ahead, if the prophesies are really from God, would not be easy and as a pastor, he should know that destiny can still be denied if one takes the wrong step.

Let the will of God be done.

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