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Why Buhari Doesn’t Talk As Nigerians Want – Adesina

Femi Adesina has given an explanation as to why President Muhammadu Buhari doesn’t talk to Nigerians as they would want. At the same time, he has debunked claims by Sultan Sa’ad Abubakar that security in the North has worsened under the present dispensation.

Speaking on a Channels Television special programme, Sunday Politics, Adesina, the special adviser to the president on Media and Publicity, strongly rebuffed claims that the administration had failed in keeping the country safe.

Observing the repeated calls on the president to address Nigerians on topical issues, he said that Buhari doesn’t talk as Nigerians want because it was not the president’s style of communicating.

“He may speak directly or issue a statement or ask a spokesperson or a minister to speak on his behalf.”

Debunking claims that bandits had overrun the North, he said:

“You are using that failure too broadly. You don’t take one, two, three events and then you conclude that it is all failure.

“You will get to some other parts of the North and they will tell you that things are a lot better. Even Governor Zulum who is in Borno State, which is like the epicentre of the insurgency, will tell you that the situation in that state is far better than it was in 2015.”

Adesina added, “What did the government meet? 17 local governments under full occupation by Boko Haram, emirs had fled their palaces, roads had been locked, and NYSC orientation camps were not open in many states in the country but look at the situation in the country today? It is a lot better.”

He added that the outbreak of COVID-19 hindered the manifestation of some of the promises of the President.

 “You know 2020 will not be the real benchmark year for most of these things because a lot of the things promised in that letter could not also be actualised to the letter because from March, the country, indeed the world was on suspended animation.

“There were lockdowns everywhere and it lasted till the last quarter of that year. So, 2020 will not be a good benchmark but it is to the advantage of this government that most of the things promised were not accomplished 100 per cent but a good number of them were accomplished despite low earnings, despite the economy not functioning at full throttle.”

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