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Orlu Massacre: Hope Uzodinma may have destroyed his 2023 re-election bid from the home front

There is belief amongst observers, that Senator Hope Uzodinma may have lost the support of his people, following the siege laid on the people of Orlu by the military in recent times.

Uzodinma is from Oru East in Orlu Zone, and represented the zone in the Senate for two consecutive terms.

Many political analysts are of the view, that his source of support for his re-election bid in 2023, would probably come from his Orlu Zone, as the other zones are already unhappy with the continued dominance of the Govenroship seat by Orlu people.

However, with the recent clash between the Nigerian security forces, the the Nnamdi Kanu Eastern Security Network ESN, which had led to loss of many lives in Orlu, there is doubts amongst political observers, if Uzodinma would get the support he expects from the home front.

Videos have circulated online, with Orlu people destroying billboards and posters of Uzodinma, with many groups and individuals, blaming Uzodinma for the carnage going on in Orlu.

The Orluzurumee Youths Assembly have also warned Uzodinma to call the military to order, or risk escalation of the matter.

With the disenchantment of how he emerged, coupled with the owing of civil servants and pensioners, this military operation in Orlu, may have cost Uzodinma the only people he may still have allies.

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