Life Ban: Should Frank Ibezim blame Araraume or Uzodinma or himself?


As the perilous verdict of a life Ban from holding public office, dangles over the recently confirmed APC Senatorial Candidate of Okigwe, Mr. Frank Ibezim, many political watchers are interested to know who Ibezim would blame for the misfortune that may befall him, if he doesn’t find a way to convince the Supreme Court, to set aside the ruling of the two lower courts.

Ibezim now finds himself, between a rock and a hard place, as the interpretation of this verdict, means that Ibezim may not even be qualified to hold a position in his Town Union meeting, which could still translate to him holding public office.

A lot of people heap the blames on Senator Hope Uzodinma and Hon Emeka Nwajiuba, for bringing out a man who they probably knew, had discrepancies in his certificates, in their selfish efforts to stop Senator Ifeanyi Araraume from returning to the Senate.

Some party members frown at what they term, as Uzodinma putting himself and his personal interests first above the party’s interests.

According to some of them, Ibezim would not be fighting for his Political and public life, if they had not disturbed the hornet’s nest, and exposed the certificate discrepancies.

A few believe that allowing himself to be used against Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, was Ibezim’s undoing, and blame Ibezim for letting himself be used against Araraume.

They believe that Araraume, was not somebody Ibezim should have been cajoled into standing up against.

By standing up against Araraume, Ibezim opened himself up for what he is going through today, and many believe, that Araraume will do everything possible, to ensure that since he isn’t going to the Senate, Ibezim will be destroyed for life; which is what the ban will eventually achieve.

Many people also frown at Ibezim, for not telling those who were projecting him, that he had problems with his certificates, while some others believe, that he probably told them, and they may have said “…this is Nigeria, we’ll handle it…” Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to handle it yet, and if the Supreme Court upholds the verdict of the High Court and Appeal Court, Ibezim may have himself to blame, for letting himself get into a battle with Araraume.

As it stands, if the Supreme Court Rules against him, aside from risking jail time, Ibezim alone will bear the brunt.

Since he is banned by the verdict, from holding public office for life, he would either return to his private business if he has any, or depend on handouts from those who are sponsoring him now, and had led him to his destruction.

However, handouts will stop coming in time, and he would find himself all on his own.

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