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Stop Deceiving your supporters, Okay Williams Cautions Rochas Okorocha

Former General manager of Nsu Tiles and prominent member of the ruling All Progressives Congress in the state, Chief Okey Williams has urged the former governor of Imo state and senator representing Orlu zone, Senator Rochas Okorocha to stop deceiving his supporters but tell them the truth about the current scheme of things in APC.

In an interview with Imo Breaking News Newspaper on Monday, Chief Williams alleged that information at his disposal indicated that the former governor has asked his supportets to byecout the the APC Registeration exercise, ad well as asked them to destroy registration materials.

He said, ” In one of my deposits yesterday on Okigwe Forum I opined that If he Senator Rochas Okorocha had done just the first tenure as a governor without reversing all that he gained politically in his second tenure, today no Igbo man would dare measure shoulder with him in his presidency project. He lost it in his second tenure as a governor due to desperation and uncertainty of the future.”

“However, Okoocha is a rare breed. One thing going for him is charisma and oratory power. A lot of Nigerian leaders need to Learn from him on how to retain loyalty. His followers look like they are on oat or hypnotised. I respect Owelle but I cannot vote nor work for him to become President of Nigeria. His time has not come. He needs to do more restitution and school more on how to manage power in a manner that’s not skewed towards personal aggrandizement”

Giving credence to this opinion is the current struggle on who controls the soul of APC in Imo state and want of relevance of Senator Rochas Okorocha at the national level. Call to mind is two recent meetings of the factional APC (Rescue Mission) loyal to him convened in Owerri by the Ex governor. In the first meeting he lied to his ardent supporters who still see him as capable of politically raising the dead that the faction led by Mr. Dan Nwafor was in charge of APC revalidation and registration exercise in Imo.”

“When the actual exercise started it became obvious that Dan Nwafor was not in the picture of control. Sensing this to cause doubt of his influence in APC he quickly arranged for another meeting yesterday. In this second meeting he gave his followers marching order to disrupt across the state any where they see the exercise going on.”

“The truth is that Sen. Rochas has lost relevance and control in APC. This explains why he’s making clandestine moves to form another party. He has massive followers in the state but the game is over. It is high time he came out openly with empathy and address his followers on the true situation on ground. His followers are deceived and being prepared to get them crash with him or rescued with him.”

” Politics is a game of interest and choice but to my former boss it is if I have to perish my followers must perish with me. It is an act of wickedness to hide the truth from those who gave you everything including their lives.”

“Senator Rochas sir, please tell your followers the truth. Once armed with the truth they will decide whether to perish with you in APC, change camp within APC or move to another party. Leaving them standing in between devil and the deep blue sea is not the best way to reward loyalty. Pharoah please let my people go.”He said.

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