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Count Hope Uzodinma out of alleged attack by his brother – Ambrose Nwaogwugwu tells journalist

Former New Media Director of the Imo PDP, now newly converted to the Hope Uzodinma administration, have reacted to an alleged attack on an Owerri based journalist and publisher, Mr. Nwadike Precious, by the brother to Senator Hope Uzodinma.

Nwadike who is currently in critical condition in hospital, was allegedly attacked and brutalised by the brother to Hope Uzodinma, Mr. Uche Uzodinma.

Nwaogwugwu made the reaction on his Facebook page, and it read as follows;

RE: Precious Nwadike Should Count Gov. Uzodimma Out Of His Case Of Civil Disobedience

The attempts of trying to link the #PeoplesGovernor, to the unfortunate case of civil disobedience of Mr. Nwadike Precious U, is inciting and mischief taking to a ridiculous dimension. 

While I condemn the extreme measures, the security personnel used in handling Mr. Nwadike, we must also in equal measure reprimand those who derive pleasure in going against simple instructions, in any environment they find themselves. 

From facts gotten from those on the scene of the unfortunate incident, Mr. Nwadike was treated for disobeying the directives of security personnel attached to the construction site, at the ongoing Port Harcourt road reconstruction.

Those who are true to themselves will confirm that within the past few weeks, work has been ongoing with all seriousness and because of that, motorists were directed to follow alternate routes, to make way for the reconstruction of the occupied portion of the road, and some motorists still flout those simple instructions, which made the security personnel attached to the construction company to become a little too harsh in carrying out those directives.

Mr. Nwadike Precious was however unlucky, to have become of the scapegoats for not obeying a simple instruction.

The construction company and her security personnel, did not see Mr. Nwadike to start enforcing those show of force in the enforcement of the instructions.

From the account rendered by Mr. Collins Opurozor, it was even the MD of OCDA Engr. Ikpamezie Innocent who ‘saved’ Mr. Precious Nwadike, and admitting that has rendered the obvious lies in trying to link the ever busy Governor Hope Uzodimma in the unfortunate travails of Mr. Nwadike because if indeed the governor has a hand in it, then the OCDA MD would not have been there to save him.

I was at OCDA a few days ago, and I noticed how the security men intimidates folks at that place, and most times, you may not want to blame the security guys, the people are stubborn that the things instructed not to be done are usually what they will do, making it nearly impossible for the security guys to handle hence they employ the use of show of force in carrying out those orders.

Mr. Nwadike happens to have been unfortunate, to have fallen into the wrong side of time and I sympathize with them, and urge to obey simple instructions when next he is faced with a similar situation. 

Even the said Uche Uzodimma, do not know who Precious Nwadike neither do they have him in mind in putting in place those orders.

Ambrose Nwaogwugwu.

February 10, 2021.

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