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The Youth Govenror Emma Duru Connecting SouthEastern and Canadian singles, Governments

His name is Emma Duru, popularly called the Youth Govenror, a very successful Canada based businessman and former appointee of the former Govenror of Imo State, Senator Rochas Okorocha, while he was Govenror of the state.

The Youth Govenror, over the years, have been involved in numerous business concerns, that had improved and empowered youth in the South East, especially Imo State.

Lately, the Youth Govenror embarked on a crusade on his Facebook page, where he connects single men and women in Nigeria, to singles in Canada looking for a soul mate.

The Youth Govenror, who goes with the handle Emma Duru on Facebook, has connected numerous singles to prospective life partners, and even helping single mothers and fathers find love again.

Aside from this, Emma Duru has also embarked on numerous cash giveaways, where he gives away cash prices to young men and women, especially people from his home Imo State, making his a youth favorite.

Speaking to MaaziTV, Emma Duru expressed his desire to uplift the lives of over 1000 youths within the shortest possibly time.

Emma Duru has embarked on programs that would helps build business and diplomatic bridges between governments in the South East, to help uplift Ndigbo.

He is also creating avenues to make migration from Nigeria to every part of the world, easy for people of the South East.

Emma Duru, an unapologetic Igbo man, and lover of his people expressed his deepest desire to better the lot of the people of the South East, especially his people in Imo State.

“I want to demystify Ala Bekee. Some people come here and because they think life is good for them here, they don’t want their people to come here. I want to change that. 

“Here in Canada, you see Indians, you see people of other nationalities and ethnicities, trooping into the country. Why can’t we create that opportunity for our people. That is one of my many visions and missions for our people. I want to make travelling abroad as easy as possible for our people. I will also create a bridge for Governments from the South East, and their counterparts here, as a way to better the lives of our people, and develop Ala Igbo.

“I’m also bringing in business opportunities and ideas down to our people, to help create jobs for our people and help tackle unemployment amongst the youths.

“My concern is to ensure that our people get a better lease of life. What will it profit me, it I think I am doing well, but somebody else who I can help is suffering? Let me be that example that others can follow and bring about that change.”

Despite his title as the Youth Govenror, Emma Duru has yet to announce any further interest in politics, after his time as an appointee of the Okorocha administration, and seems to dedicate more of his times helping as many people as he can afford to, as well as creating business and diplomatic opportunities for the youths and governments in the South East.

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