OKOROCHA: Normalizing Public Theft With Impunity And Shamelessness

By Ambrose Nwaogwugwu

I was highly flabbergasted at how much Okorocha openly defend his loots without any atom of shame. Such alacrity is mind blowing.

Like, who does that?

If we were to be in a sane clime, people like Okorocha whose odious public history of malfeasances are public knowledge who should have been tendering public apologies for their evil deeds of looting the commonwealth of the people are doing the direct opposite, and they now rub it in on us all, perhaps, challenging what the people can do.

I remind myself to remind the Okorocha’s of what happened to the Otokoto’s when they felt on top of the world and perpetrated evil with impunity. There is a limit you can push a people to, and when they reach their breaking point and so done, they would react.

The Okorocha’s should stop pushing the resolve of the people and stop insulting our collective sensibilities. The more you defend your grand looting of our collective resources, they more annoyed and enraged the people become and I can assure you, whenever you push them to their limits, there is nothing that can hold them back without reacting. Ask questions.

Robbing your loots to the faces of the people is not the best way, like a popular Imo comedian would always say; “Learn how to pipe low” and make the necessary restitutions.

Like pouring salts to already paining injuries and reminding our brutalized people the scars of his unfortunate reign, Okorocha and Co are still having the effortry to defend what is clearly indefensible.

I read with a disbelief a futile attempt of Dee Sam Onwuemodo of trying to play down the degree at which the Okorocha’s have inflicted maximum pains to ndị Imo.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons Dee Onwuemodo stopped clapping for Jesus because his annoying lies he was going to be telling to defend a Common Thief like Okorocha was capable of landing a very hot slap from Jesus should he continue to clap in audacious lies.

How could some one be very bold enough to defend that a university that was built 100% with the state resources belongs to Okorocha’s private enterprise?

If not for our levels of moral depravity, how can some one of Dee Onwuemodo’s standing in Christiandom be defending a rapacious regime like that of Okorocha which fretted away the patrimony of the state? To even imagine that after defending that Okorocha did not steal the commonwealth of Imo people, Dee Onwuemodo will still go to church on Sunday is a most shameful thing and I shame on his behalf. How has people lost their conscience?

Okay, if you say that Eastern Palm University was a creation of the law that it was going to be built through PPP – Can Okorocha or Onwuemodo or even any of his Facebook writers tell us when Rochas foundation came into the picture?

Can we see the bidding process through which Rochas Foundation was selected?

Who superintended over the bidding or selection process that awarded Rochas Foundation the exclusive rights?

Let it not be lost on us that this is not forgetting that Okorocha was the executive Governor of Imo State at the time this bidding was done and how come it was the company or business enterprise owned by the Governor that was only qualified?

Can we see the newspaper publication advertising the bidding of the ownership of the university and can we also see the list of other companies that bidded the same opening?

The Okorocha’s have lost their senses of sanity and that is why they do not feel any atom of remorse after destroying this state.

It is shamefully alarming that even the maximum damages this man and his men inflicted upon us, they still have the nerve to talk even when they should have been in public places pleading for forgiveness from us.

Ambrose Nwaogwugwu.
February 13, 2021.

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