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Is Hope Uzodinma hanging on borrowed time?

Senator Hope Uzodinma, may be hanging on to borrowed time, as he continues to clench to the Govenroship seat of Imo State, as the forces against his continued stay in office, continue to circle and multiply.

The biggest threat facing Hope Uzodinma at the moment, which seems to be getting support from all his political rivals, is the Philip Umeadi suit.

Chief Philip Umeadi SAN, had approached the Supreme Court to give proper interpretation, to it’s judgment on Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, which stated that Nwosu was the authentic candidate of the APC, in the 2019 General Elections.

With Uche Nwosu declared the winner of the APC Primaries, and subsequently, the rightful winner of the Primaries, and even the election, since the APC was ruled by the Supreme Court as the winner of the election, Philip Umeadi seeks to find out what Hope Uzodinma is doing occupying a seat he clearly didn’t win.

Imo people have started getting impatient with the delay over the matter, as the wait seems to have gone on for too long.

The Supreme Court has not offered any explanation for the delay, raising suspicion among Imolites, that there might be forces working in the background, trying to ensure that the case doesn’t see the light of day, a situation which had been frowned at people, who now doubt the reliability of the Judicial system, to uphold free and fair judgments and justice.

While Uzodinma is still battling to keep Umeadi at bay, there are indications that some very powerful forces in the state, may soon be allying, to join forces in order to flush him out through the Umeadi suit, or at the 2023 General Elections.

There had been rumoured reconciliations, between former Govenrors Rochas Okorocha, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha and Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, who are the three strongest politicans from the three zones, and who are even seen as to be more powerful and accepted by the people in the state, than Uzodinma.

Political analysts believe, that these three men, possess the political will and financial muscle and promise, to clear every bottleneck holding up the Umeadi suit, if they agree to work together.

Analysts believe they can walk the walk, talk the talk and make as much promise and even more than Uzodinma can afford to make.

Analysts also believe, that in the event the Umeadi suit fails to come up in court, as much as a slap it would be on the judicial system, the three politicans, can still wrestle power from Uzodinma at the polls.

Analysts strongly believe, that kicking Uzodinma out through the Supreme Court, which was how he came in, would be a safer and better bet.

According to them, the case is straightforward, and Uzodinma probably knows that any day it is heard in court, could as well be his last day in Douglas House, and that, they insist, explains the delay in hearing the case.

“If these three men can come to a roundtable,” Maazi Uzodinma, a political commenter and analyst in Owerri said. “And reach binding agreements, they can make this work. Their only problem is probably that they have broken agreements in the past, and are now afraid that who ever benefits from their agreement, might not uphold it. This is a case of a headhunter who doesn’t like somebody going behind him with a cutlass. They probably lack trust in each other. They know they all have selfish plans and may still be thinking of angles to stab each other in the back, even after removing Uzodinma. That’s probably by the center is now holding. When they embrace honesty in dealing with each other, and let their words be their bonds, then they can join an alliance and liberate Imo State.”

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