Uzodinma yet to taken over Okorocha’s Political dynasty, Imo APC


An APC stalwart, who spoke to MaaziTV under condition of anonymity, have reacted to the alleged claims by supporters of Senator Hope Uzodinma, that Uzodinma have taken over Okorocha’s structure in the party.

Speaking to our correspondent Mercy Anaele, the party stalwart stated;

“Uzodinma can’t claim to be in charge of Okorocha’s political dynasty, except he woos the 642 councillors, 23 vice chairmen and 23 Executive Chairmen of 2018, who are ready to join camp Hope if poached.

“There are 3 councillorsfrom Orlu zone, 4 vice chairmen, 2 from Owerri zone, 2 from Orlu zone and 3 Executive Chairmen, 1 from each zones that will never join Camp Hope no matter what.

“Once these set of persons join Camp Hope, Okorocha will go on political relegation, but if Uzodinma fails to get them on his side, he cannot boost of having control of the party in the state.”

Former Govenror Rochas Okorocha, and Senator Hope Uzodinma, have been engulfed in legal and political battle for control, and supremacy in the party in the state.

The recent revalidation and registration exercise, seems to be giving Uzodinma more edge in the party over Okorocha.

Also recently, some former loyalists of Okorocha, dumped the former Govenror for Uzodinma, and were welcomed with political appointments.

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