April 23, 2021


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Uzodinma reacts over Okorocha’s boast of being richer than Imo State

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Senator Hope Uzodinma have reacted to boosting by Senator Rochas Okorocha, of being richer than Imo State.

The reaction came through the Senior Special Assistant to Senator Hope Uzodinma, Hon. Stanford Arinze Nwokedi, who called out Rochas Okorocha’s Spokesman, Sam Onwuemeodo, and a former commissioner to Okorocha, Prof. Nnamdi Obiaraeri, over Okorocha’s comments of being richer than Imo State.

His reaction reads as follows:


Dear Sam/Prof Oby,

Sunday was St Valentine’s Day. It is still in the air and I want to reach out to you all, the public enemies!

In this Valentine’s week, having read your sermon on media handling, that singled out the 3R Media handlers for public condemnations, I must concede you are truly in dire need for some respite, after your Principal’s mouth diarrhoea, claiming to be richer than the government of IMO State had made your media onslaught against a performing government a mere joke. I really thank God for your own goal. I sympathize with you, for being beaten by your own bullets, to a tight corner where your frustrations in defending a man who has openly acknowledged his guilt of malfeasance, primitive acquisition of known public assets, open rape of public confidence and unapologetic foolhardiness, to dare to withstand the 3R government’s constitutional powers to recover the State, even with a mandate that has continued to win over the confidence of some of his exorcized disciples.

Eziokwu, your shame will have no rival in the history of politics of crude greed and kleptocracy.

I wish you guys well, as you’re there to eat stolen wealth of IMO State (Obiara-eri aku ezutere ezute)! Honestly, I plead that you continue to defend your principal, as the “last men standing”. 

Sam/Prof, your sermon truly should come after your yet-to-come confessions. I concede again, that you have taken to this entirely new approach, realizing how precariously you toe the rope against popular public opinions.

Truly, for so long as the injuries you inflicted on IMO State has lasted, coming from the complete mess you and your Principal’s 8-years’ reign had left Imo in, there had been an outpouring of misplaced grievances against a government working hard even with the Covid19 pandemic, highjacked endsar imbroglio, etc , to reinstate public confidence in government. You callously would rather wish to be seen as innocent, even with the dents of our stolen patrimony on your mouths and annoyingly to a provocative extent. And wish that the Solutions’ provider becomes the Problem?

The challenges of your internally displaced political group (IDPG), had tended to cause so much confusion in our polity, with make-belief propaganda, fake news and such other stuffs. You had held many under voodoo vestiges of deceit. Yet, to our credit, our focus on governance never waned. The government kept faith with the people and one after the other, the consolidated problems continued to get dissolved and resolved. TO THE GLORY OF GOD, IMOLITES ARE NOW AWARE WHAT EXPLOITS THIS GOVERNMENT HAS ACHIEVED.

Sam, the last time you were in Government house, you looked like a true media professional. You came with your CV, dented with the Rochas’ appointments and wanted the job of my bosses – the same people you were lecturing how to do their jobs, you sought for. It’s either that you’ve resigned to your bad fate now to go all the hog, with your drowning Principal or that your job search fell through. It’s only you who can honestly tell what is now the case with you.

Sam/Prof, you’ve amassed quite a fat record of a huge file, of your media attacks on the Shared Prosperity Government. You obviously are not good teachers on ethics of media practice, and I believe that the government is not considering recruiting you. Not any more, no matter how you act!

If I were you ( please, remain yourself o), I’ll first apologize to IMO people for abetting all the crimes against IMO. If I were you, I’ll not be cunning about abandoning the Presidential daydreamer. If I were you, I’ll tell him to stop dancing naked in the marketplace. Yes, instead of wasting your time, I’d rather advise you to prevail on your Principal to learn the simple etiquette on table manners while spending stolen money. I’d advise him not to rub it off on Imolites, how much richer he has become after looting IMO. We recall how he begged for his elections funds through the gold card, the hapurums, #100 babiyalla donations etc etc from Imolites. Now, he’s richer than IMO State Government?

To tell you the truth, politics is not for crooks. Nigeria is watching and Nigerians won’t want a President, leaving Nigeria poorer and becoming a super-richman who’d tell Nigeria, how richer he’d become after stealing Nigeria blind.

While you continue clapping for Jesus, I assure you that the day dream ought not to be. Wake up and face your “sh*t”. The 3Rs mean well but to be honest with you, the last R is your waterloo.

You deserve no pity. No!

Sam/Prof, happy Valentine’s week.

My name is Stanford. I am STILL the SSA (Gov)Public Enlightenment.

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