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Imolites will beg Hope Uzodinma to stay longer than eight years if it were possible – Nwokedi


Hon. Stanford Nwokedi Arinze, the Senior Special Assistant to the Executive Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma, on Public Enlightenment, have stated that within the coming months, with the vision Senator Hope Uzodinma has for the state, and the pace at which he is going, Imo people will beg to have him as their Govenror even longer than the constitutionally stipulated eight years.

Nwokedi with the publisher of MaaziTV

Nwokedi made this disclosure, during a chat with the Publisher of Maazi Online, at his office in Douglas House, Owerri, the Imo State Capital.

Nwokedi pointed out to our publisher, the ease at which it took him to drive from Egbu Road, to Douglas House in less than 15minutes.

“That Dick Tiger road had been a death trap, over the last eight years,” Nwokedi stated. “I thank God you confirmed to me right now, the ease at which you drove through that road, and further confirmed the level of work going on along MCC road. These are just a tip of what’s to be expected from Senator Hope Uzodinma.

“Go around the state today, you’ll see changes, you’ll see serious work going on everywhere. I have remained constant with Senator Hope Uzodinma for years because I know who he is, and his love for the people of Imo State. I’m not your every day run in the mill politician, and you know me, I stand with people who mean very well for the people of Imo State.

“I can assure you that within the next few months, when the people of Imo State have seen what His Excellency Senator Hope Uzodinma is doing in the state, our people will beg to change the constitution of Imo State, to allow him stay beyond eight years in office.”

Reacting to the issue of salaries and pensions, Nwokedi stated that salaries of workers, who do not have any problem with their documentation have been paid, as well as pensions.

“I thank God you confirmed to me that you know civil servants who have received their January salaries, as against some media propaganda that His Excellency Governor Hope Uzodinma was yet to pay January salaries. Those spreading those rumors are those His Excellency have stopped where they defraud the state from. Any civil servants who hasn’t received his or her salaries must have problems with his or her documentation. Let them come and present themselves, and you will see that either they have fake documents or they haven’t been properly captured, to ensure nobody defraud the people of Imo State.

“The same is happening with the pensions, where those who have been properly documented have been receiving their pensions, while government is making sure that the few who are having one form of problems or the other with their documentation, are being addressed as quickly as possible, so that genuine pensioners receive their pensions, and fake pensioners are weeded out of the system.

“Those resisting the government of His Excellency Governor Hope Uzodinma, are either those who have been defrauding the state over the years, and are not happy that His Excellency Governor Hope Uzodinma, is sanitizing the system, or those who just want to play cheap politics, instead of join hands with government to develop the state.”

Nwokedi highlighted so many areas, the Hope Uzodinma administration had taken the bull by the horn, to make life better for the people.

Reacting to a question, why Uzodinma seemed media shy, and his achievements weren’t known as should be, Nwokedi stated that Uzodinma wasn’t interested in marketing himself on media, but preferred his achievements to market him to the people.

“I admit that area can have it’s pros and it’s cons. His Excellency Governor Hope Uzodinma, have never been one who blows his trumpets. Yes, we need to sensitize the people of Imo State, of projects and programs of government, especially to those living outside the state, who may believe the lies churned out in the media by enemies of the people of Imo State, seeking to score political points. I am confident that more would be done towards bringing projects and programs of government, to public knowledge, through proper relationship with media, especially online media firms like Maazi Online, who are read all over the country and beyond, to enlighten the people of the developmental strides of the Govenror Hope Uzodinma administration.”

Nwokedi further invited Maazi Online, to join him for project inspections, which he would be carrying out across the state soon.

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