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Rochas Okorocha may be regretting how he helped Uzodinma remove Ihedioha

This week hasn’t been a good one for former govenror Rochas Okorocha, and his now very rocky relationship with Senator Hope Uzodinma.

It started with the foreclosure of his private university by the Hope Uzodinma administration, and the subsequent renaming of the institution to KO Mbadikwe University, then yesterday 19th February 2021 seizure of Okorocha’s wife’s hotel, Royal Spring Palm Hotels, by agents of the Hope Uzodinma administration, led by the Commissioner for Lands, Barr. Enyinnaya Onuegbu. 

Okorocha would likely be beating himself up, for helping Uzodinma unseat former govenror, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, who wouldn’t have gone to the levels Uzodinma seems willing to go, to deal with Okorocha. 

During the time of Ihedioha as Imo State govenror, his recovery team handled the recovery of government property from Okorocha, with some retrain.

Even the team leader, Jasper Ndubuaku was attacked and beaten up by Okorocha’s boys, when he attempted to carry out a one-man recovery operation against Okorocha. 

Even Okorocha’s warehouse, which was stormed by Ihedioha’s team, was still returned to him.

Probably anticipating that Ihedioha may become more aggressive in recovery, Okorocha ganged up with Senator Hope Uzodinma, to remove Ihedioha.

Their plan succeeded, and Ihedioha was removed through the Supreme Court, in one of the most unpopular rulings of the Apex Court in Nigeria’s history. 

However, instead of carrying on his co-conspirators along, Uzodinma turned around to deal severely with Okorocha and Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, the two men that joined forces with him to bring him to power.

With Araraume, Uzodinma have all but successfully ensured that he would not represent Okigwe in the Senate.

Against Okorocha, Uzodinma seems bent on seeing the former Governor behind bars.

Ultimately, Uzodinma seems very determined to retire Okorocha and Araraume politically. 

Okorocha’s only saving grace, may come through the Philip Umeadi suit, seeking to sack Uzodinma. 

The suit has been suspiciously delayed for too long, but it believed that the day it comes up, may be Uzodinma’s last day in office, and right now, this might be Okorocha’s biggest wish to survive politically.

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