Till we Recover Our Dear State

by Irobi Darlington



My problem most of the time with Imo people is just that many of us have short memories.

That a man was here with many lies. Gave us all hopes with promises full of emptiness and holes. Many jubilation at his arrival, though i, Irobi Darlington had my reservations and doubts.

If anyone can tell himself the truth, within 2011 to 2019, Imo state witnessed a style of leadership that can not be found anywhere on the planet earth. I mean, all theories and laws guiding leadership were faulted within these years.

We beheld a government with full indept of insincerity of purpose. It was a dramatic period coated with lies and impunity. We were faced by all manner of non professionalism in all ramifications of leadership. Illiteracy and non administrative tact were the order of the day.

How can i go this far without talking of “Familiocracy Theory”. The state witnesses a situation where due process was jettisoned because the man at the helm of affairs was only interested in using our patrimony or common wealth to enrich himself, family and cronies. Jobs, contracts and allocations were shared amongst them without minding the feelings of a people.

We had a government that was so selfish in all dealings, eg….. all frequently used old roads and many newly opened roads got attention with a selfish purpose of diverting funds, but also gave the people impressionistic jobs that never lasted.

Have we forgotten that few days after Rochas Okorocha’s govt was over, Imolites were already shouting up and down for Emeka Ihedioha to give us a motorable road because we didn’t have any good road anywhere in the state. It is on record that all the roads Rochas govt did were all broken off to the face of his government, yet billions was already lost

To this regards, a group of illiterates will say government is a continuum……that the next man should provide us with roads. But let me ask, do those illiterates not ask themselves a simple question; was it not Imo resources that was wasted why pretending to be doing roads, even though we knew some of those garagara was to divert funds. If 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th inland roads were built solidly, the state will move on to the next roads without putting more strength and resources doing same roads, yet, some illiterates do not see reasons to prob into all that.

Having said all that, the myth of my writing is the on going RECOVERY by the Hope Uzodinma’s administration must be encouraged. This singular act has brought the state into a happy mood. A time came when many started asking if there will be anything called Imo after 2 or 3 more regimes if the successors will continue in Rochas’s style of governance. Lands belonging to both individual citizens and government were bulckanized and shared amongst the 1st family and cronies without minding the effects and reactions of the people affected. Many died of high blood pressure and some still have their cases in court. I may not delve into it now before it will be termed contempt of the court.

It will be of a great importance and for the record purposes i remind the good people of Imo state that the then governor Rochas Okorocha told us that he will be relocating Imo State University to Ogboko. Lands were collected and donated respectively from/by people and within a few period of time, we witnessed structures rising with speed and funding being disbursed from the state pulse. The buildings went so high and the environment changed into a school look when our dear governor then turned and made a statement i wont forget….. he claimed he was misguided to have said he was going to relocate the state University. He went on to say IMSU will remain where it is, while we think of some other thing to do with the Ogboko buildings and compound. Just in a little time, the Ogboko buildings and compound was converted and registered as Eastern Palm University, but to our greatest surprise, privately owned by the governor, even while he was on seat as a governor. This i call a total display of illiteracy.

Under my duty to remind the state, we might have lost sight that one of the first displacement of people and families Rochas administration started with is bringing down houses at where is called Akachi today. I remember i had friends that lived there as at the time, but were given less than two weeks to vacate their houses because the government said the area was not meant for residential buildings, but a green verge. The government explained how risky it was for people to live in such an area.

As usual, little after the time given, bulldozer went in and the rest is history. But shortly after that period, the service apartment rose high. It was said to be a private business of the wife of the governor …… I mean on the same green verge people were chased away from and their houses brought down. Without mincing words, that property worth over 4billion Naira and was done within 4 years of their administration. This i also call too much display of impunity.

If i go on to open my pages of book of reminder to the new Owerri where former governor Ikedi Ohakim was building the Imo State new government house, we may be amazed at the level of greed displayed by the Rochas administration. Okorocha in a press briefing said that there was no need for Imo government house to be relocated. Though we quit didn’t believe him, but we watched in silence and saw him make renovations of the old government house. Little after then, Imo people witnessed a total bulckanization of the new government house area and was purely and selfishly shared amongst the 1st family. Without mentioning names of structures raised on those lands as shared, you as a citizen can take a stroll to the said location and have tears run down your chicks as you see things for yourself.

If you don’t ask me to close my book of reminder, i will open the next page that will drag us to the IBC quarters and land at Orji where Okorocha realocated and converted into his school, Rochas Foundation. Today, his students occupy that property without minding the mood of the original owners, the Imo people.

What happened to pensioners who are the original owners of Shell Camp is not what i may need to visit now. But it is on record that old men and women were displaced because Okorocha decided to convert their properties to an exclusive Estate.

In the government of Rochas Okorocha, Imo people lived like a conquered people because we witnessed a power drunk man with so much impunity, excessiveness and greed. But we also knew he will be drawn in his deeds someday. That day of reckoning is here.

Today, i hear elements of duodenum, children of destruction currying for sympathy over the RECOVERY mandate of governor Hope Uzodinma. This group who couldn’t speak out to correct Okorocha in his mad actions, who couldn’t remind him that power is indeed transient now cry for mercy to the detriment of the masses. How possible can that be? While Okorocha still moves around freely, making unguarded utterances here and there.

Pls i wish to use this medium to tell governor Hope Uzodinma that the people of Imo state are rather happy and comfortable with his actions towards recovery of our looted funds and properties. We say in this, we will continue to give him our support till we finally recover our dear state.

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